SDBotox Prime

We appreciate all of you who appreciates us. To give thanks and to celebrate our 5th year in business, we are proud to present:

SDBotox Prime

This is our advanced membership program that features $11/unit Botox. Botox is currently $12/unit and will likely increase to $13/unit in January, 2018.

Discounts on other services include:

$25 off each dermal filler

$25 off each vial of Kybella

$25 off Excel V laser treatment

$25 off Laser Genesis laser treatment

$25 off Chemical Peels

$25 off Microneedling

$25 of PRP treatments

$50 off Coolsculpting

In addition, members will have exclusive access to periodic deeper discounted services!

SDBotox Prime is $100/year

Give us a call at 1-844-SDBotox to sign up today!