Kioni before Botox:

Kioni after Botox:

We strive to be fair and upfront about our pricing at San Diego Botox. Unlike other Botox clinics, we promise no hidden fees. Consultation is free of charge meaning regardless if you decide to get Botox or not, you will not be charged for your visit. Transparency has always been our policy and you will only be charged for the Botox we inject.

Botox belongs to a family of drugs known as neuromodulators. There are currently 3 Neuromodulators available in the USA:

Botox is $12/unit (minimum purchase of 10 units)

Xeomin is $11/unit (minimum purchase of 10 units)

Dysport is $4/unit.  (It is 1/3 the potency of Botox and Xeomin so you will require 3x as much) (minimum purchase of 30 units)

You have our promise to always be fair and to always inject the amount agreed upon pre-treatment.

The number of units is determined by the number of muscles injected, amount necessary for specific muscles, and relative size of an individual patient’s muscles.

Typical number of units of Botox are:

SDBotox Prime: $11/unit

Frontalis (forehead wrinkles) – Women: 8-12 units; Men: 10-14 units

The Corrugator Supercilii (frown lines) – Women: 18-22 units; Men: 20-30 units

The Orbicularis Oculi (crows feet) – Women: 16- 20 units; Men 18-24 units

There is no maximum or minimum number of units per patient.

We accept all major credit cards as well as CareCredit. There is no minimum required.