Botox’s Secret Menu, Part 3

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Here are a couple more possible Botox indications:
Spastic bladder:
Additionally, Botox is commonly used to treat spastic bladder and other urinary incontinence issues.  See your urologist for this one. He/she will run some tests and determine if you will benefit from this procedure. He/she will then use a special camera to look into your bladder and inject a hundred to two hundred units of Botox into its lining. You may want an anesthesiologist to put you to sleep for this one 😉
Premature ejaculation:
On the cutting edge of Botox applications: premature ejaculation. There is currently no FDA approved treatment for this problem. Sometimes doctors will prescribe Zoloft or other selective serotonin reputable inhibitors but these are messy drugs with miserable side effects and they often don’t work. A few urologist are looking into injecting Botox into muscles of the perineum (look it up if you’re not sure where this is) and are having some success at delaying ejaculation.
Sexual partners are reporting promising results. This is not a service offered at SDBotox as these injections are done under ultrasound guidance and should only be done by a small handful of urologist currently offering this.