Botox’s Secret Menu, Part 2

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Here are a couple more possible Botox indications:

The FDA is currently looking into Botox as a treatment for depression. Crazy, we know. A group of volunteers were asked to rate their happiness. Then they were asked to do tasks using various facial muscles and rate their happiness again. The act of holding a pencil in their mouth horizontally so that the tip came out one side and the eraser out the other for 3 minutes actually made them happier. This is because performing this tasks forces you to smile and smiling actually makes you happy. You don’t just smile when your happy. You can smile to elevate your mood. Is the inverse true? Does frowning and furrowing the brow make us sad?  A group of researchers are looking into it. The thought process is if we block the ability to furrow the brow, Botox may be incorporated into a multimodal treatment approach to treating depression.
Botox for smoking? Although this is a very new idea and there have only been a handful of doctors who have tried this, Botox has been injected to help patients kick their nasty habit. The Botox is injected in the area above the upper lip into a muscle called the Obicularis Oris.  This muscle is often targeted to decrease the appearance of ‘smoker lines’-  the vertical wrinkles above the mouth.  More Botox is injected for smoking cessation with the goal being to weaken the muscle to the point, the patient has difficulty holding a cigarette in their mouth.