Post Dermal Filler Care

Immediately after the procedure, you may have some redness and swelling at the injection sites. This is your body’s normal inflammatory response and it will not last long.

There may, however, be some additional bruising immediately following your procedure. This is more common with dermal fillers than with Botox as a result of the nature of the substance injected as well as the location of the injections. If this occurs, ice and Arnica Gel can be used to decrease the duration of the bruise. Arnica Gel can be found at any drug store and we offer it at SDBotox. Additionally, we can reduce the appearance of a bruise by using our Cutera Excel V laser.  If a bruise persists for more than two days, please schedule an appointment with us and we will use our laser to decrease the intensity and duration of the bruise.  Concealer can also aid in decreasing the appearance of the bruise.

Wait a few days for the swelling to fully decrease and the product to settle in before making a final decision if you are happy with the results and remember we can always add more.