Types of Dermal Filler

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There are many different dermal fillers on the market, each with its own properties, ideal injection sites, duration and cost. At SDBotox, we appreciate the subtle differences between the various products and do not take a one size fits all approach when selecting what would work best for you.

All of our fillers are made from hyaluronic acid. That is because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body and quite frankly, it delivers beautiful results. It is also very safe and reversible. Don’t be fooled, however. Just because all of our products are made from hyaluronic acid does not mean they all act the same. We have listed some of our favorite dermal fillers below with a brief description, common sites injected, duration and cost.

Please note, this is a very broad description of each product. The decision on which dermal filler will be used will be determined by you and your doctor or nurse at the time of your consultation.

Juvederm Ultra Plus:

This product has been around for a long time largely as a result of its broad application and consistent results. It is thicker than its predecessor, Juvederm Ultra, but still delivers a smooth final look.

A major benefit of Juvederm Ultra Plus is its affinity for water. This means the product attracts water and hydrates the area of the face it is injected to further enhance the desired effect. This can be a very favorable quality when filling deep lines or when trying to achieve a large increase in volume with minimal product.

Common sites injected: Lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines

Duration: 9 months*

Cost: $500/syringe

Juvederm Volbella:

The second generation of Juvederm products (Volbello, Vollure, and Voluma) use what Allergan calls Vycross technology. This relates to how the different size hyaluronic acid molecules interact and crosslink. As a result of this technology, Allergan has been able to extend the duration of hyaluronic acid fillers beyond Juvederm Ultra Plus’ 9 months.

Volbello is a very smooth product and is used to deliver a subtle result. It is typically used to decrease mild to moderate wrinkles or a very subtle lip augmentation making it a great choice if you are very concerned friends and family will notice you had something done.

Common sites injected: lips, vertical lines above the mouth, tear troughs

Duration: 1 year*

Cost: $400/0.6 ml syringe (All other dermal fillers come in 1 ml dose)

Juvederm Vollure:

Vollure exists in the sweet spot between smooth (Volbello) and firm (Voluma). As such, it has largely replaced Juvederm Ultra Plus as a great broad application dermal filler. It delivers the same beautiful results with twice the duration. Vollure has a slightly less hydrating effect when compared to Juvederm Ultra Plus but has a slightly smoother final appearance. Additionally, there tends to be less initial swelling/ inflammatory response when injecting Vollure vs. Juvederm Ultra Plus.

Vollure has been the number one dermal filler used in Europe for many years and will likely be the number one filler in the USA in the near future.

Common sites injected: Lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks, temples, and many other areas

Duration: 18 months*

Cost: $700

Juvederm Voluma:

Voluma is a firm filler used to volumize deep structures, particularly the cheeks. It is made up of large hyaluronic acid molecules- a characteristic that lends itself to both its firm nature and long duration.

Voluma can be used for superficial injections, but it is more often used deep in the skin to mimic the bone/tissue loss associated with aging

Common sites injected: Cheeks, midface, temples, chin

Duration: 2 years*

Cost: $900


Restylane is a great product for the tear troughs. This is because it does not have the hydrating effect of the Juvederm product line. As a result, the hollow below the eyes is less likely to be overfilled, which lends itself to a very unnatural appearance.

Restylane can certainly be injected elsewhere but it is rarely the best choice when compared to the Juvederm products or second generation Restylane products.

Common sites injected: Tear troughs

Duration: 9 months*

Cost: $500

Restylane Defyne:

The new Restylane products use a technology called XPresHAn. It is similar to Allergan’s Vycross technology but the hyaluronic acid molecules are less tightly bound, allowing for a product more resistant to stretch. Think memory foam. This makes Defyne and Refyne great for injection around highly mobile areas like the mouth.

Defyne is slightly firmer than Refyne which makes it great for deep wrinkles around the mouth.

Common sites injected: around the mouth- deep lines

Duration: 1 year*

Cost: $700

Restylane Refyne:

Refyne is a thin filler that is resistant to degradation even in a highly mobile area. It is similar to Defyne but is injected more superficially to address less dramatic wrinkles. It is a great choice for patients just starting to notice lines around the mouth they wish were not there.

Common sites injected: around the mouth- superficial lines

Duration: 1 year

Cost: $700

*Duration is based on manufacturer and independent studies. Actual duration may be affected by area injected, mobility of area injected, physical activity level, smoking status, etc.