Excel V

We are proud to offer the Excel V laser by Cutera. It’s broad range of applications make it a highly versatile compliment to what we do at SDBotox.

The laser has 2 specific wavelengths, 532 nanometer and 1064 nanometer.

When you think of the Excel V, think of specific imperfections in your skin that you’d rather not be there. For instance, maybe you have little a few spider veins on your nose or a few sunspots on your cheeks. Specifically, the Excel V targets anything that’s not your normal skin color.  This includes but is not limited to red, blue and brown skin issues:

Reds and Blues: this is referring to unwanted blood vessels. These often occur on the face and legs but can be anywhere on the body. Common lesions include spider veins on the face or legs or more diffuse redness such as rosacea.

Additionally, the Excel V is great for getting rid of bruises.  This is because the laser targets a specific component in blood and bruises are simply blood that is not in a blood vessel. This can be particularly helpful in a cosmetic practice like SDBotox where almost every procedure we perform is done with a needle.  Although we take a great deal of care not to cause a bruise, bruises occasionally occur. Now we can minimize their appearance and duration.

Browns: the Excel V’s two wavelengths also targets benign pigmented lesions. These include sun spots, freckles, and non-suspicious moles.

Many patients are satisfied with just one treatment, but depending on your skin and the imperfection we are targeting, more treatments may be necessary.

Treatment costs are dependent upon number treated areas and number of treatment sessions necessary, but most issues can be taken care of for around $300.

SDBotox Prime: $275.

We are a proud member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery.