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Sclerotherapy Procedure

Sclerotherapy Procedure

Sclerotherapy Treatment Instructions


  • Bring compression stockings to the appointment (both knee and thigh-high if you have them).
  • Wear walking shoes.

AFTER (2-Weeks Following)

  • Walk for an hour immediately following the procedure, prior to leaving in your vehicle (You do not need to report back to us after your walk unless you experience a problem).
  • Keep your compression stockings on for 72 hours following the procedure, then for an additional 10 days while you’re awake.
  • Walk every day for an hour.
  • You may do any other kind of exercise, as long as it does not increase your abdominal pressure; high-impact aerobics, running, jogging, horseback riding, etc.
  • Apply sunblock and lotion to the treated area to prevent or minimize skin discoloration.
  • Do not travel (long flights or car trips).
  • Avoid saunas or hot baths (more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit) to prevent reopening of treated veins.
  • No heavy lifting (more than 20 lbs)
  • Be patient, the veins may take an extended time to fade away.
  • You may take ibuprofen 400mg (if not allergic) three times a day for any discomfort.


You may experience bruising. tenderness, blisters. sores, or staining of the skin. This will usually go away with time. More serious complications such as deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in the deep system) or allergic reactions can also occur, although they are rare.

Our Sclerotherapy Pricing

Per Leg


We accept all major credit cards as well as CareCredit. There is no minimum required.

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