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5 Places To Get Botox Injections for Pain Relief

September 28, 2018

For years, Botox has been used as an amazing treatment to help fight the effects of aging on the skin. What many people may not realize, however, is that Botox has a wide variety of non-cosmetic applications that can be used to treat a large number of conditions. Here is a short guide on the different practical application of Botox injections can help provide great pain relief and how they might be able to help you.

How Do Botox Injections Work?

Whether used for cosmetic purposes or managing pain, Botox’s unique advantage is that it is able to target a specific area. Unlike medication or other kinds of therapy, the affected area is given the direct treatment it needs. Your doctor begins by utilizing computed tomography to find the exact location where your pain comes from. From here, Botox injections are directly administered to the exact muscle or muscle groups effectively relaxing them and easing the pain.
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Types of Conditions Botox Treats

Any person suffering from chronic back or neck pain is likely to be a great candidate for Botox injections. But this is just the beginning. Other conditions include migraines, myofascial pain, back spasms, neck spasms, and more. It also a great choice for people who suffer from allergies to certain medications or cannot be administered steroids to treat these different ailments. The top five places people get Botox injections are the following:

  1. Lower Back
  2. Neck
  3. Migraine sensitive areas
  4. Upper lateral muscle group  
  5. Feet and ankles

These are just a few of the main areas, but any place where you have been experiencing chronic pain is likely to be a good candidate for Botox treatment.
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Potential Risk of Botox Injections

What makes Botox such a great option is that there are actually very few risks with it. In any of its uses, Botox has been regarded as safe by the FDA and other organizations for nearly two decades. As with any medical condition, you’ll want to discuss with your doctor, but the risks are marginal.
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A very small percentage of people are allergic to Botox but other than that, the only other side effect is light bruising around the injection area. Overall, treatment is safe, effective, and quick. Best of all, Botox aftercare is incredibly easy and simple. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may need multiple injections over the course of time, but your doctor will determine that. For example, when utilizing Botox for migraines, it has been proven that monthly treatments reduce migraine symptoms by over 40% and in some cases, an even higher percentage, depending on the course of treatment.
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The Many Advantages of Botox Injections

Whether it’s Botox for migraines or for treating fine lines and wrinkles, Botox is an effective way to manage a wide variety of conditions. Contact us today to see the different Botox services we offer from pain management to dermal fillers and the other innovative ways we are using the latest technology to help the health and lives of our patients.

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