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9 Quick Anti-Aging Procedures for the Bride To Be

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Preparing for your wedding can be one of the most stressful days of your life.

Whether you are hoping to brighten your skin, plump your lips, or prevent sweating, SD Botox can help.

Every bride puts all they have into making their special day perfect. But, what about the sudden break-out on your face or the nervous sweating staining your gown?

Maybe you have noticed subtle lines starting to form between your eyebrows. Or there are signs of crow’s feet beside your eyes, and you want both to disappear for your big day. We can help.

Here are nine anti-aging quick fixes worth considering before your special day.

I Read That Dermal Fillers Can Help. Is This True?

Non-Surgical Nose Job: The non-surgical procedure is simple. With Dermal fillers, we can alter the shape of your nose. All it takes is a few tiny injections of a filler substance called hyaluronic acid. The process takes 15 minutes with minimal pain, swelling or bruising.

You can resume work or your social life right away with immediate results.  If you are searching for a safe technique to enhance the shape of your nose, fillers are the answer.

Our skilled staff uses precise and controlled injections to repair flaws. It’s through these injections that we can remove or enhance irregularities. We use the filler to smooth out bumps and dents to give your nose a more narrow look.

By doing so, we also restore an improved symmetrical look to your face. The final result is your nose appears smaller and in proportion to your facial region. The improved results are instantaneous with no downtime.

The Dermal filler procedure is a substitute to surgical rhinoplasty for brides. Ladies who wish to change the shape of their nose will find success.

Lip Enhancement: If your focus area is your mouth and you want to achieve instant fuller lips, we can help. Our doctor injects Dermal Fillers into the lips and around the mouth area. With minimal downtime, the procedure is over within 30 minutes. The final results should last between four and nine months.

bride before and after dermal lip fillers

Your wedding day kiss is the most important kiss of your lifetime. It seals the deal, making you man and wife. Make this kiss the most magical one of all.

What About Other Cosmetic Options? 

Stop All The Sweating: You may have already heard that Botox is useful for more than wrinkles. It also prevents sweating in your scalp and underarms. No woman wants to show up at the altar wearing a sweaty gown.

What bride doesn’t worry on their big day? The procedure is simple so you can rest easy while dancing the night away without sweating. With one treatment, you will have the assurance that you need to enjoy your wedding. Botox helps you be stunning without having to worry about perspiration.

your wedding day without sweat

Enhance Jawline or Cheekbone: Instead of paying for high priced makeup artists, talk with us first. We can enhance your jawline and cheekbone. Many women are unhappy with the dynamics of their cheekbones, and we can help. With a few injections, we can add to your natural structure as much as you like.

What we see the most with brides is they either want their features more dramatic or toned down a bit. We can achieve this with dermal fillers. Reversing the aging process by contouring your cheekbones makes you appear younger.

Brow Lift: Let’s face it, aging causes your skin to begin to sag around the eyes. Once your eyebrows start to sag, it’s like a domino effect to your face. By Injecting Botox by your hairline stops frizzy flyaways. The injections provide your brows a boost- taking years away from your appearance.

It takes less than fifteen minutes. The final results are visible in about two days and will last up to six months.

What About The Hands? They Need Help?

Anti-Age The Hands: The older you get, the more your skin begins to droop and sag. Take a look at your ring finger and see if you are happy with what people will see. Everyone wants to see the brides new ring. Will you want to hide your hands or make your ring pop?

hand options for your wedding

To fight dry, crepey hands and fingers, we offer a simple solution for your hands. To smooth, brighten and soften your skin, we provide the following triple threat:

What About Loose Skin or Scars?

The Double Chin: You’ve tried it all. Including strict dieting and a vigorous exercise plan to get rid of your double chin. If you find yourself still struggling with an unwanted chin and neck fat, you are by far not alone.

Many women eat healthily and have no issues toning their legs, abs, and arms. But, they still struggle to get rid of the fat around their neck area. This droopy skin, aka, “double chin” is not easy to treat on your own.

With a procedure called Kybella, you can forget the need for liposuction. Kybella mirrors the body’s natural fat absorption method. The result is a slim and sleek chin region that’s picture-perfect.

women after kybella in san diego

Acne and Scar Treatments With Micro-needling.

Many brides have minor scars from acne, childhood accidents or even reminders of the chicken pox. Women spend a lot of money on concealers hoping to cover up the scars on their face before their wedding day.

You may or may not know about the treatment called Micro-needling. Even though the process looks painful, most patients are comfortable during the session. There may be slight stings as it does its job, smoothing marks and fading scars.

Micro-needling is the use of needles that create tiny size holes in your skin. That process stimulates the skin’s natural capability to restore itself. Throughout the process, the skin produces elastin and collagen. The fantastic part of this is that the repairs begin immediately.

The final results are softening scars and wrinkles while thickening the dermis. There is no tissue damage with the procedure. The tiny channels in the epidermis close and the skin’s healing begins immediately.


As you can see, there are many services available to help you look your best on your wedding day.

Whether you want Botox or a complete facial tune-up; at SD Botox we do it all. Our staff treats hundreds of patients with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

We go above and beyond to ensure our patients leave our office satisfied. We make sure on your wedding day that you look and feel better with more confidence.

Are you a bride in the San Diego area preparing for your big day?

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