SDBOTOX Celebrates Pride

SDBotox at San Diego Pride

At SDBotox, we strive to help everyone attain their beauty goals; regardless of age, sex, race, orientation, or culture.  Come in and experience what it feels like to be accepted for simply being unapologetically you.  Happy Pride and Stay Sexy San Diego!”

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What Is Cannula for Fillers and Why We Love This Technique

Dermal fillers enhance natural facial features while returning volume to the face where it’s been lost over time. They’re popular for those seeking to plump up their lips or fill in laugh lines and have traditionally been injected using needles. There is a different technique used to inject the hyaluronic acid used in dermal fillers:…

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SDBotox Opens Our Fourth Location in Little Italy, San Diego

SDBotox is thrilled to announce that we recently opened our fourth location in Little Italy, San Diego! Just like our other three locations in Hillcrest, Pacific Beach and Mission Hills, we’re sure that the Little Italy location will be a top choice for Botox, dermal filler and other non-invasive cosmetic treatments in the neighborhood. Our…

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Botox Lip Flip in San Diego: 6 Things to Know

A plumper lip is on the wish list for many out there, as celebrities like Kylie Jenner have popularized that pouty look that may seem out of reach without a traditional dermal filler. Lip fillers have typically been the way to achieve a fuller set of lips, but there’s an alternative out there. Enter the…

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The New Face Lift: PDO Thread Lift San Diego

Young woman leaning against a wall

If you’ve been following cosmetic trends, you may have heard about the PDO thread lift in San Diego, an effective, minimally invasive treatment that can lead to younger-looking skin and that popular fox eye lift without the downtime of traditional surgical procedures. For a long time, those looking to reverse the signs of aging around…

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Neck Rejuvenation in San Diego: How To Treat Neck Wrinkles and Sagging

Woman touching her neck

There are several well-known tools and treatments out there for improving the appearance of your face, from smoothing out fine lines and plumping up your lips to returning volume to areas affected by aging. But the more delicate skin on your neck can be affected differently, showing those signs of aging sooner, even more intensely,…

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7 of the Hottest Cosmetic Trends for 2021

Happy woman touching her face

Cosmetic treatments have only grown in popularity over the last few years, particularly as many treatment options require little to no downtime and almost immediate effects. As methods continue to improve, the applications of existing treatments expand with doctors finding new, revolutionary uses for minimally invasive procedures. Cosmetic trends in the coming year are then…

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