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How To Freeze Away Your Thigh Fat With Cryolipolysis Treatment

Cryolipolysis Treatment

CoolSculpting is an FDA approved and patented nonsurgical, non-invasive weight loss treatment. CoolSculpting uses a process known as cryolipolysis that freezes fat cells. These frozen fat cells die and are removed by the body naturally as waste.

While regular exercise and a healthy diet can be used to lose weight, spot reduction of fat is only possible with non-surgical and surgical intervention. CoolSculpting is ideal for those wanting to remove fat in their most troublesome areas such as the inner thighs.


How CoolSculpting Works

The procedure itself can take up to one hour and is performed by a doctor or registered CoolSculpting technician as an outpatient appointment. A cold suction device is placed on the treatment area for a specific amount of time to freeze and kill the subcutaneous fat cells. The skin, muscles and surrounding tissues remain unaffected by the cold temperatures. The dead fat cells are then removed as waste over a period of several months by the lymphatic system.

There is a range of suction sizes available to suit different areas, and the multiple regions can be treated at once. The procedure is painless, and does not use incisions, or require the use of anesthetic. Following cryolipolysis sessions, patients can expect a reduction of fat of up to 25% in the treated areas, making CoolSculpting the ideal weight loss treatment.


CoolSculpting Side Effects

Post-treatment, you may experience side effects such as bruising, swelling and sensitivity on the treated areas— this is normal. Side effects are temporary and usually, subside within two weeks. CoolSculpting is not suitable for those with Raynaud’s disease which results in little or no blood flow to affected body parts, or those with extreme sensitivity to the cold.


CoolSculpting for the Inner Thighs

Many people, particularly women store body fat around the inner thighs, and CoolSculpting is the ideal treatment for this area. Cryolipolysis of the inner thighs takes approximately 35 minutes per thigh, although both sides will usually be treated at once, with both sides combined costing in the region of $1500.

When treating the inner thighs, the doctor will squeeze the fat in the area which will help in the fat removal process. Post-treatment, your doctor may also massage the area which will help the body to absorb and excrete the fat. Immediately after the procedure, and during the recovery process, there may be swelling and redness. You may return to work after being treated and should only experience some minor discomfort.

As the fat waste is removed gradually by the lymphatic system, you should notice a gradual reduction of inner thigh fat over the months to follow— once the initial swelling has subsided. This is ideal for those who wish to keep details of their procedure private, as the results occur gradually to mimic natural, albeit fast, weight loss.


Cryolipolysis has helped millions of individuals to reduce fat in stubborn areas. CoolSculpting could provide the body contouring results you’ve been looking for.

If you would like to find out more about cryolipolysis CoolSculpting results or would like to book in consultation with one of our Doctors, contact us at SDBotox.  

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