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Is PRP Hair Restoration Right For You?

PRP Hair Restoration

Human blood is made up of two different components – plasma and red blood cells. The plasma, in turn, has platelets and white blood cells. PRP or the Platelet Rich Plasma is the true internal healer of our body. It is these platelets in our blood that help to start and stimulate new growth in the body. It is based on this fundamental principle of the ability of the PRP to heal that it is now used extensively in many medical treatments for diseases like arthritis to natural phenomenon like aging – pre-mature or otherwise, from cosmetic purposes as diverse as vampire facials to PRP hair restoration therapy.

prp hair restoration


What is the Premise of PRP Hair Restoration Therapy?

First, blood gets drawn from the patient. From there, the different components that make up blood get separated from each other using a centrifuge, which is a machine used to separate fluids. Once processed in a way where only the platelet-rich plasma remains, it gets prepped as an injection. During PRP hair restoration, the platelet-rich plasma gets injected stimulating the hair follicles in the scalp and aiding in the growth of new hair. In this fashion, platelet-rich plasma hair loss treatment is a procedure that relies on your body’s natural healing agents.


How is the Process Carried Out?

Any hair restoration process should get conducted by a botox center staff that specializes in the procedure. In PRP hair restoration therapy,  a vial of blood is drawn out of the client’s arm and separated into different densities. The separated platelet-rich plasma is administered into the client’s scalp, at intervals of half an inch, in areas where the hair looks thin or bald spots are visible. As meticulous as this process is, it takes a minimum of half hour for completion. Numbing agents are not always required, but they are available. In case of post post-procedure pain, ice packs and pain relief medication help. Doctors may also advise hot showers to improve the blood flow and stimulate the injected PRP.

prp hair restoration


What Results Should I be Expecting?

This PRP treatment works for most people ranging from those showing early symptoms of hair loss to those with a genetic predisposition to hair thinning or hereditary patterned baldness. If all the treatments get done consistently, that is – monthly for the first three months and then quarterly or half-yearly after that, depending on the need of every client, the results are auspicious.

Patients usually experience a marked decrease in the amount of hair that sheds while combing or brushing. Also, after the procedure, specifically through the next 6 months, patients will notice the growth of new hair.

Although an expensive treatment, this hair restoration procedure is a long-term solution to an uncomfortable situation. With time and patience, you will yield results that will leave you feeling confident in your new found hair growth. The doctors at SDBotox expertly perform PRP hair restoration, as well as complete hundreds of procedures for its patients.


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