The New Face Lift: PDO Thread Lift San Diego

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If you’ve been following cosmetic trends, you may have heard about the PDO thread lift in San Diego, an effective, minimally invasive treatment that can lead to younger-looking skin and that popular fox eye lift without the downtime of traditional surgical procedures.
For a long time, those looking to reverse the signs of aging around the face and tighten up loose, sagging skin have had to turn to surgical facelifts. While they are long-lasting, traditional facelifts require weeks of downtime with unsightly bruising, swelling, even discomfort, likely following the invasive procedure before you can enjoy the final result.

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

The PDO thread lift is a non-invasive procedure where dissolvable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) are strategically placed in areas that need a boost. It’s been described as a non-surgical facelift, as they are more commonly used in areas of the face prone to sagging skin. The result is an instant lift without the noticeable scarring, pain, or downtime one may experience with a surgical facelift.
The threads used in the procedure are inserted using painless anchors that allow the threads to grip to your skin’s tissue underneath. The treatment has the added bonus of causing the body to produce collagen, a key component of younger-looking skin, and tightening over time.
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Benefits of a PDO Thread Lift

Fans of the PDO thread lift in San Diego love that there is no need for sedation during the procedure. Areas treated are numbed using a topical agent instead, allowing for little to no recovery time after. Apart from the perks of being able to return to day-to-day activities following a PDO thread lift procedure, there are several aesthetic benefits to this non-invasive treatment:

  • If you’re looking for a brow lift, threads can be used in the upper face to give your eyebrows a refreshed appearance.
  • Threads in the upper face can also allow a fox eye lift, which subtly changes the shape of the eyes, creating an almond-shaped or cat-eye effect. The fox eye lift has been topping the list of cosmetic trends over the last year.
  • Threads used in the mid-face allow patients to enjoy a noticeable decrease in smile lines and sagging in the cheeks.
  • Loose jowls can be reduced with threads inserted in the lower face, along with improvements to crepey skin in and around the neck.
  • Results are typically apparent immediately after your thread lift, but patients should expect final results within a month or two.
  • The added collagen production allows for a tighter, more youthful appearance in areas treated by your PDO thread lift over a longer period.

Where PDO threads can be inserted

PDO Thread Lift San Diego: Things to Know

Are you thinking that a non-surgical facelift could work for you? Here are a few more frequently asked questions about the PDO thread lift procedure, so you have as much information as possible as you decide.

How much does a PDO thread lift cost?

A PDO thread lift is much more budget-friendly than a surgical facelift. The cost of your procedure will depend on the threads used during your treatment and the areas of the skin you are targeting. At SDBotox, prices for PDO threads range from $250 to $1500.
The NovaThreads used at SDBotox come in barbed, smooth, or twist threads. Threads used during a procedure depend on your end goals and areas of the skin that need a lift. Your provider will be able to talk through your options with you so that you come out of your treatment satisfied with your new look.
Fox eye lift using PDO threads

How long does a PDO thread lift last?

The threads used in a PDO thread lift typically dissolve between six to nine months after the procedure, but this doesn’t mean you’ll need additional treatments at that time.
Thanks to the boost in collagen production, you will likely continue noticing positive effects well after threads have dissolved. Some patients see an overall tightening effect for up to three years after their thread lifts. It can depend on the body’s metabolism and the threads used in your procedure but considering that the procedure only lasts about half an hour, you’re getting quite the results for minimal effort.
Your provider will be able to recommend a timeline for any follow-up treatments or whether you’d benefit from complementary procedures like a liquid facelift.
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Is a PDO thread lift painful?

Any slight discomfort in the injection sites can be typically managed with over-the-counter pain medications. Some patients experience bruising or swelling following the procedure, so providers recommend that you follow gentler habits for about a week after your lift. Patients can rest assured that the treatment is effective and safe, as the threads are broken down by naturally occurring processes in the body.

Is a PDO thread lift right for you?

To learn more about a PDO thread lift in San Diego, schedule a free consultation with SDBotox. We’ll answer any questions you may have about the non-surgical facelift, including whether there are any complementary procedures that may work with your treatment. We have the expertise to help you realize any desired changes that will make you feel like the best version of yourself.