How Laser Treatment Solves The Issue Of Toenail Fungus

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What Is Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is an embarrassing condition that can affect anyone but is more common in adults. Fungal nail infections are a result of a variety of reasons like yeast and mold. However, it mostly thrives in wet environments. You can contract the initial infection from moist places such as pools and showers, or even from something as simple as wearing damp socks. Toenail fungus develops slowly beneath the nail with no initial symptoms, in time it thickens the toenail and creates discoloration. The fungus also lifts the toenail from the nail bed causing it to soften and crumble, in extreme cases cause loss of the toenail altogether. If left untreated, this infection can spread to other toenails and your feet.

toenail fungus SDBotox

How To Prevent Fungal Nail Infections

Prevention is key, and there are a few ways in which you can minimize your chances of developing fungus of the nail.
Dry your feet immediately after they get wet
Wear flip-flops in public areas and showers
Avoid sharing towels and toiletries
Clip your toenails to make your feet easier to clean
Choose airy shoes
Wear clean and dry socks and footwear

Toenail Fungus Remedies

If you do find that you have the symptoms of nail fungus, there are many home remedies help to treat the infection.
Topical antifungal nail cream is a popular choice as it’s relatively easy to buy and apply, however, it isn’t always effective at completely clearing the fungus. Oral antifungal medication such as Lamisil is also an option, but it can take up to three months for the infection to entirely clear. Although this medication will effectively kill the fungus, the effects of it can still appear on the nails. As nail fungus presents predominantly aesthetic symptoms, it is ideal to have the fungus treated as the toenails still thick and yellow.
There are many options that aid in treating nail fungus, however, neither creates the ideal solution to eliminating both the infection and the adverse physical effects. Many times, home remedies make the condition worse, which is why we don’t recommend this route. Fortunately, there is a solution available that treats both aspects of this unpleasant condition.

toenail fungus SDBotox

How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus

Laser treatment will effectively kill the fungus and remove the unsightly effects from the nail, reverting it to its original appearance— before the infection set in. Here at SDBotox, we offer a series of innovative laser treatments called Laser Genesis that targets the fungus responsible for the thickening and yellowing of the toenail explicitly. Laser Genesis does not cause any superficial damage. Instead, it kills the fungus beneath the nail to prevent it from spreading and allows the nail to continue to grow into a healthy state. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.
Anyone is a candidate for Laser Genesis, including diabetic patients who are seeking to revert the unsightly effects of toenail fungus. It is a safe and effective alternative to other over-the-counter medications that cause unwanted side effects.
Laser treatments are quick, easy and pain-free and approximately 3-4 sessions are required, with absolutely no downtime. The results are noticeable almost immediately, meaning you can go back to wearing sandals in no time. The obvious solution to a common problem: Laser Genesis is the ultimate toenail fungus cure.