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What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

natural hormone therapy

Our basic body functions are all controlled by the subtle actions of many hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that allow smooth communications between every cell of the body. Our sleep, digestion, growth, immunity, mood, as well as sex drive,  are all well regulated and coordinated thanks to our hormones. What happens when these balanced hormones act up? When is there a need for natural hormone therapy?

Who requires bioidentical or natural hormone therapy?

Generally, when an individual crosses the age of 30 or 40, his or her hormones start getting deficient. But in today’s times, because of a sedentary lifestyle, high-calorie food and stress, people in their 20s also are victims of hormonal imbalance.

Our hormones play an important role in the functioning of certain organs like the thyroid, adrenal glands, and sexual glands.  Hence due to hormonal imbalances, problems like PCOD, weight gain, insulin resistance, low thyroid hormone production, mood swings, depression, lack of sleep, hair loss, and low energy are often encountered. Such individuals are candidates for hormone replacement therapy. The traditional hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic or artificial hormones. This increases the likelihood of various cardiac ailments, increase in lipid levels, clogs arteries and even risks for certain cancers. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a natural approach which is opted by most centers these days.

Natural hormones, otherwise known as bioidentical hormones,  are derived from yams and soy which are plants. These hormones produced from the plants are such that they replicate the exact chemical composition of the hormones that are naturally produced in the body. They are either made by pharmacies based on every doctor’s orders or manufactured in drug companies. The ones made under a doctor’s protocol are generally considered safer and more effective.  These hormones are individually prescribed based on the hormonal imbalance that needs correcting. BHRT is available in the form of creams, injections, patches, and pills. Your doctor will advise you on the best treatment plan and mode for you based on your preferences and requirements.


Types of BHRT


Natural hormone replacement therapy is helpful for both men and women depending on their respective hormonal levels.

    • For men- as men start aging, testosterone levels slowly start to deplete. This is called a phase of andropause or low T. Symptoms of low T include low energy, sexual dysfunction, low libido, obesity, and depression. A simple blood test and examination will let the doctor prescribe you essential natural hormone therapy.


    • For a woman- estrogen and progesterone are vital for controlling mood, regulating menses, ovulation, sexual development, fertility and bone density. During menopause almost every woman undergoes problems like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, dry hair, mood swings, inadequate sleep, and water retention. These problems can be relieved by simply adding these natural hormones.  


  • Over or underactive thyroid- one’s body metabolism, temperature, and functioning are highly dependent on the thyroid gland. An underactive thyroid will result in low energy, weight gain, forgetfulness, sluggishness, dullness, hair loss etc. an overactive thyroid results in palpitations, high body temperature, weight loss, heat intolerance, fatigue and muscle weakness. Whatever may be the case a blood test and a brief history will help you identify the cause and a suitable natural hormone therapy shall follow, optimizing your overall health.



What’s the treatment plan?

On the primary consultation day, a brief medical history is taken to evaluate the necessary order for hormone testing. This is followed by a serum testing of the respective hormones. Thereafter, a treatment program is advised and the necessary prescription is made. The patient then begins the therapy. After a certain time period, a repeat testing is done to check the improvement and the patient is symptomatically monitored. In order to get your hormone levels evaluated, you may contact us. The services include a detailed review of personal and family medical history, stress-reducing protocols, fitness counseling, nutrition advice, laboratory testing, and quality regulated pharmacy.

The good news is that with HRT one is ensured about zero side effects along with relief from existing symptoms and signs. Natural hormone therapy is monitored at every step and optimal health goals can be easily achieved.

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