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PDO Thread Lift in San Diego

So what is a PDO thread lift?

The PDO thread lift is a procedure that uses strategically-placed threads made of dissolvable polydioxanone (PDO) to offer patients an instant lift without the pain, scar, downtime, or need for general anesthesia of a traditional facelift.  For those looking for a refreshed brow look, this procedure will leave the tail end for the eyebrows elongated and lifted!

During the treatment, our experienced medical professional will insert the threads - NovaThreads at SDBotox - beneath the skin along with painless anchors that allow the threads to grip the underlying tissue and lift. On top of the immediate effects, inserting the threads stimulates your body to produce collagen, allowing for more long-lasting results, wrinkle reduction, and younger-looking skin without any scarring and minimal discomfort.

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Taylor J.

I always have the best experience every time I visit SDBotox! All the staff members are great and Dr. Roher is amazing!! I would recommend them 10/10!


The three main areas we insert the threads are the upper face for a brow lift, the mid-face to decrease the smile lines and cheek skin laxity, and lower face for jowl reduction and an improvement in crepey neck skin


  • Pricing includes 2 appointments 1 month apart


  • Pricing includes 2 appointments 1 month apart


  • Pricing includes 2 appointments 1 month apart



Schedule a consultation with the knowledgeable, skilled and friendly team at SDBotox to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the PDO thread lift procedure and to determine if you are a good candidate

Avoid anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning medications like Aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Fish Oil Supplements, Vitamin E, and other NSAIDs in the days ahead of your treatment. These medications increase the chance of bruising and swelling at treatment sites.

Avoid alcohol in the week before your treatment, as alcohol also acts as a blood-thinning agent.

As you may experience some bruising or swelling at injection sites, don’t plan on any important events in the two weeks following your procedure. Most bruising or swelling will subside within a week or so following your treatment.

You don’t need to fast for this treatment. A light breakfast the morning of your treatment may be beneficial and prevent any potential nausea after your procedure.


Maintain gentle habits for at least a week following your procedure. That means avoiding alcohol, heavy lifting, or any strenuous activity and avoiding any facial massaging or rubbing of treated areas.

For the first 48 hours after, be gentle when washing your face. Avoid exfoliants and facial scrubs, and avoid unnatural, exaggerated facial expressions for a few days after your procedure.

Avoid sleeping on your back or any positions that result in pressure applied to one side of your face for at least the first three nights after treatment.

A diet of soft foods is recommended in the first few days following your treatment. Make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated, as well.

Don’t schedule any routine dental appointments for at least two weeks following your procedure to avoid affecting your thread lift’s end result.


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