Trusculpt® 3D

Trusculpt® 3D

Utilizing radiofrequency (RF) technology to heat the adipose tissue (fat cells) to achieve fat reduction just like coolsculpting, however with RF, it can stimulate collagen and help with skin tightening and toning. Another benefit with TruSculpt is that there are no limitations with the amount of adipose tissue, so you can treat anywhere on the body with TruSculpt without worrying about being able to fit in an applicator with Coolsculpting.

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Depending on your medical history, the area being treated and the amount of fullness there is, your provider will recommend the best option for you.

With both treatments, you can expect up to 20-25% reduction in fat cells per session. Depending on how much fullness, 2-4 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart is recommended for optimal results.

For both treatments, benefits will be seen after 3-4 weeks, and continues as the body clears dead fat cells over 3 months.

None to minimal, mild numbness and tingling sensation are the most common side effects of coolsculpting, mild redness and swelling can be associated with TruSculpt. Otherwise no significant downtime and you can return to normal activity right away.

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