Physician Assistant

PRP Microneedling / Injectables

With 5 high education degrees, aesthetics experience since 2010, and more cosmetic certifications than he can count, Dominic still believes wholeheartedly that he can learn so much more and continue to improve. He feels as though everyone should strive for excellence because it’s incredibly rewarding to see the benefits of simply trying to better yourself. Everyone has their own beauty. His goal is to help accentuate and revitalize that beauty, while also allowing his patients to stay true to themselves. Moxi laser or PRP Microneedling are his favorite treatments and he likes for people to feel refreshed and sexy in their own skin. Dominic considers himself big hearted ,very open and talkative. He loves dogs, food, video games, and travelling. He and his fiance I can be found gallavanting around San Diego taking in everything our lovely city has to offer.

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