Registered Nurse

Riley graduated with her masters degree in nursing from the university of San Diego, and started my career in the ICU in 2018. She eventually made her way into aesthetics at SDBotox in 2020 and is now a full time aesthetic nurse specialist. Riley enjoys helping her patients maintain their natural beauty and restore their youth with gentle and effective treatments so they can look and feel their best. “I work with my patients to develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to meet individual concerns and deliver beautiful and natural results.” her favorite treatment sinclude Sculptra and BBL. “I love sculptra as an alternative to filler because you can get natural, long-lasting results that restore lost collagen and volume in a gradual and natural way.
BBL is one of my favorite treatments to even the skin tone and reverse aging using gentle, light based energy. This treatment has little to no discomfort/downtime and will keep your skin forever young!” Riley was born and raised in California and now resides in PB, only one block from the office. She loves horses, long walks with her Frenchie on the bay, and has recently very in to pickle ball.

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