5 Most Common Places for CoolSculpting Fat Removal

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CoolSculpting is a modern technique of fat removal that uses a laser to freeze the fat cells within the layers of your skin. The fat cells die upon freezing, allowing the body to naturally process and remove them. A laser fat removal technique reduces the number of fat cells in your body while losing weight only reduces the size of the fat cells. Thus, CoolSculpting helps you lose weight by destroying stubborn fat cells. The many benefits of CoolSculpting include giving your body a more toned look and as well as taut skin that does not sag. Fortunately, there is a wide array of areas where CoolSculpting can be applied to remove fat anywhere you need. 

Parts of the Body That Laser Fat Removal Targets

When it comes to removing fat, CoolSculpting is not limited to any specific area of the body. Here are just a few parts of the body where laser fat removal is an option.

1) Stomach

It’s challenging to get rid of fat in the stomach region. Using CoolSculpting for the removal of belly fat has become increasingly popular especially when diet and exercise often fail to work effectively. Using CoolSculpting for fat removal is easy, highly effective, and has long-term results. Different areas of the stomach require Dualscultping, or multiple sessions of CoolSculpting. If you need more than one session in the same location, then a 4-6 week gap between two treatments is recommended as the fat loss occurs over this period after treatment.

2) Chin and Neck

Getting rid of a double chin with diet or exercise is a hard task. With a unique device developed for the chin, CoolSculpting for fat removal is comfortable and easy on this part of the body. Your double chin disappears, and the jawline becomes more pronounced.
Surgeon with marker preparing woman for operation against white background, closeup. Double chin removal

3) Love Handles

The places on the sides of our body where stubborn unwanted fat tends to accumulate are called love handles. These can be treated one at a time, or you can choose to address both of them at the same time through the DualSculpting procedure. Treatment of love handles makes you look slimmer and gives your body an hourglass figure.

4) Thighs

The inner and the outer thigh can be treated to dramatically reduce fat deposits. Coolsculpting diminishes saddlebags and allows for a more pronounced thigh gap. DualSculpting allows treatment of both the thighs at the same time, but you will need more than one session if treatment of both the inner and the outer thigh is needed.

5) Arms

Arms tend to sag as one gets older, deposits of fat layers tend to accumulate, and the skin becomes loose. If your arms have begun to sag due to the accumulation of fat, then CoolSculpting can help you get rid of the extra fat on your arms and make them look toned and shapely.

Important Things You Should Know About CoolSculpting

A gradual loss of fat occurs over 4 to 6 weeks as the body slowly eliminates the destroyed fat cells. This treatment targets those areas that tend to have a concentration of fat cells in the outer layers.
The cool lasers from CoolSculpting destroy the stubborn build-up of fat cells that accumulate in different parts of our body. Age, lifestyle, genetics, and disease largely affect our looks, but techniques such as laser fat removal help bring some of the control back into our hands.

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