Fat Burning Secrets: 5 CoolSculpting Benefits

coolsculpting benefits sd botox

Benefits of CoolSculpting Losing weight is no easy task. Even if you get diet and exercise just right sometimes it can still be a difficult process. In recent years, there has been a lot of technological innovation to make dropping excess fat a simpler task. Among them all, Coolsculpting has emerged as one of the…

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5 Non-Cosmetic Benefits of Botox

benefits of botox

Other uses for botox Most people associate Botox with screen treatments and while it has had a safe and proven useful for a long time now, many are unaware of the other benefits of botox. So whether you are looking to smooth fine lines or wrinkles or are looking to treat existing conditions, Botox actually…

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Fact or Myth: Does Botox treat migraines?

botox migraine relief

You’ve probably heard of using Botox injections to smooth facial wrinkles. It’s a miracle cure that reverses the ravages of age. It is used for a variety of different reasons from excessive sweating to gummy smile treatment. What you might not know is this secretive friend of the social elite is rapidly gaining traction as…

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Gummy Smile Treatment: Botox Technique and Facts

Botox Blog San Diego

Smiling releases endorphins, which make you feel happy. However, when your smile makes you feel self-conscious (such as when you have a gummy smile) the opposite happens and you try to avoid smiling as much as possible. This can make you look overly serious, giving others the wrong impression about who you are. The good…

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7 Simple Tips to Prevent Winter Dry Cracked Skin

SD Botox Blog

Many people experience dry skin in the winter. If you are like many of our patients, you get cracked knuckles, peeling cuticles, and chapped lips. Ouch! There are more than enough moisturizers on the market touting magical healing powers for dry winter skin, but it takes more than just lotion to kick dryness to the…

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What Causes Pimples and Zits? 8 Myths And The Facts

Botox Blog Pacific Beach

Do you struggle with pimples, zits, blackheads, or breakouts? Are you frustrated with your current skincare routine and dealing with frequent breakouts? Nobody is happy when a pimple pops up out of the blue. Of course, they usually appear right where everyone can see, and at the worst times. Reality is, this is a very…

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9 Quick Anti-Aging Procedures for the Bride To Be

Hillcrest San Diego Botox Blog

Preparing for your wedding can be one of the most stressful days of your life. Whether you are hoping to brighten your skin, plump your lips, or prevent sweating, SD Botox can help. Every bride puts all they have into making their special day perfect. But, what about the sudden break-out on your face or…

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Lip Fillers in San Diego For Fuller Lips: Here is what to expect

Botox Blog Lip Injection Fillers

Lip injections with dermal fillers are the hottest trend in cosmetic enhancement procedures in San Diego. Let’s face it, what woman does not want full lips without plastic surgery or lip implants? Are you tired of having a thin upper lip and want to explore lip enhancement for a plump appearance? Want to improve the appearance…

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Is Laser Acne Scar Removal in San Diego For Me?

Botox Blog Laser Scar Removal

Have you been considering seeking laser treatment to have acne scars removed? Laser acne scar removal is now available here in San Diego. Developments in cosmetic laser technology have increased the effectiveness of the treatment of erasing scars caused by acne. The procedure is a safe and proven treatment. Clients reports having an improved self-esteem and an overall healthy appearance…

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Laser Stretch Mark Removal in SD, What You Need to Know

San Diego Stretch Mark Removal

 The truth is, there’s no way to prevent them. But, there is hope.    Laser stretch mark removal is a procedure we do right here in our office in San Diego. We now offer the most revolutionary technology available.    With laser treatment, you can significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks.    After treatment and…

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