SDBOTOX Celebrates Pride

SDBotox at San Diego Pride


Dominic Moccia, RPA-C is the Associate Medical Director at SDBotox and a driving force for continued excellence among our amazingly talented team of aesthetic providers. Dedicated to ensuring all are continuously honing and perfecting their craft, he creates an accepting, diverse, and positive educational and workspace environment.  As a proud member of LGBTQ+ community, his preferred pronouns are he/him/his.

“Growing up so close to NYC, my coming out story was for the most part positive.  Sure, there were a couple of bumps along the way, but bumps build character and fortitude, and overall my family and friends were mostly pretty supportive.  Yes, I’m gay, and that’s a big part of who I am, but it’s only one part.  I’m a fiancé, a son and a brother, a medical director, an athlete, an Italian-American, a fantasy nerd, a candy fanatic, and dad to two furbabies.  These last two years in California have been tremendously eye-opening.  This trend towards gender and sexual fluidity is absolutely refreshing and I love how accepting of everyone’s lifestyles Californians are. 

Pride is all about inclusivity.  We all have a different, quirky, unique, special part of ourselves we’re afraid others will not find attractive or enticing, so we sometimes keep that hidden for fear of persecution.  To me, pride is about embracing that aspect and running with it.  Not all LGBTQ+ stories have to be sad, or difficult, or come with a struggle.  Sometimes being who you truly are brings happiness, acceptance, and joy.  It may take some bumps in the road to get there, but there really is nothing quite like living your truth and being whoever you truly believe you were meant to be. 

At SDBotox, we strive to help everyone attain their beauty goals; regardless of age, sex, race, orientation, or culture.  Come in and experience what it feels like to be accepted for simply being unapologetically you.  Happy Pride and Stay Sexy San Diego!”