Xeomin vs Dysport – Which is Better for Wrinkles

xeomin vs dysport - which is better for wrinkles SDBotox

The age of innocence as far as neuromodulators are considered has long passed. Earlier, if you wanted to prevent lines and wrinkles on your forehead or if you wanted to erase the ones you had developed, you had one single choice – Botox.
In the years since, two other companies have entered the marketplace with products like Dysport, which received US FDA approval in 2009 and Xeomin, which received the US FDA approval in 2011. Both these products are neuromodulators that stun nerve endings and freeze the muscles around which they are injected. Considering that both of these products serve the same purpose, you may be asking yourself what to choose between Xeomin vs. Dysport. Below we will examine the benefits and usages of each to determine which is the best fit for you.

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Dysport vs. Xeomin vs. Botox

By freezing specific muscles on the face, a person is temporarily unable to make certain facial movements that produce wrinkles and lines on the face. When it comes to the debate of Xeomin vs. Dysport, it’s important to first understand the active component in each. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin all belong to the same class of drugs and use a neurotransmitter called Botulinum toxin to stun the nerve cells that supply particular facial muscles. The paralyzed facial muscles do not move and this prevents all further wrinkle formation. But this is where their similarity ends.
The molecular structure of each of these products is different from the other and this directly affects the way each of these products behaves once injected.
It should be noted that each of these products has been scientifically tested and proven to work just as well as the other and that none is superior to another. They all last for the same amount of time i.e. 3 to 5 months, depending on the strength and size of the muscles around which they are injected. For this reason, they will last longer on a person who is small and petite with delicate features and has small facial muscles and will fade faster on a person who has a broad face with strong facial muscles.
All these products take the same time of 2 to 5 days or longer to show their optimum results. The difference lies in the way each of these products works under your skin, the prices and the quantities that are required.

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Before we decide which product is better in the debate between Xeomin vs. Dysport, let’s take a look at the original product: Botox. Botox is the leading non-surgical cosmetic treatment that dramatically reduces the occurrence and appearance of fine lines and frown lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet on the sides of the eyes to make you look younger. Botox received US FDA approval around 30 years back in 1989. Botox has ruled the marketplace as the only US FDA approved product in its category for years and has since been used by millions of happy and satisfied customers as a part of their beauty regime to look younger. It’s well known for its strong results in problem areas such as forehead botox for preventative care.
Botox has added proteins that keep it clustered around the area where it is injected that makes it last just a wee bit longer than its competitors.
Since Botox has been in use for a longer time, its efficacy has been validated by thousands of customers, making both administrators and users confident and secure of its results.


When wondering about Dysport vs. Botox, you should know that both are quite similar in the sense that it also has added proteins. Dysport is slightly lighter than Botox and spreads differently than Botox. It tends to diffuse more and spreads to a slightly larger area.
In the decision of what to use between Xeomin vs. Dysport and even botox, it’s important to note potential price differences. Dysport costs a little less than others but more units of Dysport have to be used to get the same effect as Botox or Xeomin. The upside to this is that Dysport gives a more natural look that does not look overdone. Therefore, if you are looking at subtle changes that even your bestie will not notice, then Dysport may be the choice for you.


Xeomin is the purest form of neuromodulator available that does not contain any kinds of protein in it. It has a number of advantages as it lacks additives such as protein complexes. The most important advantage is that it has it does not require to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature. This makes it cheaper than Botox, which gives similar results for the same number of units used. Allergic reactions to neuromodulators such as Botox and others are extremely rare, but the absence of additives in Xeomin further reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions.
Certain people have been known to develop antibodies to neuromodulators, making them ineffective over a period of time. The chance of developing antibodies to Xeomin is much lesser as it does not contain protein additives.
So the choice of a neuromodulator, Botox vs. Xeomin vs. Dysport, the final choice will depend on a mix of factors such as what kind of results you are looking for and how deep or stubborn is wrinkle you are trying to target.