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SDBotox Staff

SDBotox Staff

Dr. Alex Roher, M.D.

As the founder of SD Botox, Dr. Roher took the path less traveled after graduating from the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine in 2008.

“I had to balance my love for medicine with my desire to help people who wanted to change their lives. Those weren’t always the same thing, unfortunately.”

Dr. Roher remains a practicing board-certified anesthesiologist, but his real passion remains in helping people change their lives for the better. Back in 2012, Dr. Roher opened SDBotox with a desire to help people achieve enhancements with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Since then, SDBotox has been a groundbreaking endeavor. Dr. Roher has helped tens of thousands of patients achieve amazing results. He's done so in a warm, relaxing environment.

SDBotox is a premier medical aesthetics botox center in San Diego, California specializing in Cosmetic Laser, Botox, Kybella, and CoolSculpting.

Dr. Mark Poblete, M.D.

While this board certified Anesthesiologist specializes in Botox, dermal fillers, and Kybella, his greatest strength might be found in his ability to put clients at ease. After graduating from the University of Florida’s Anesthesiology Residency program, Dr. Poblete joined Dr. Roher at SD Botox because he shared similar desires.

“It only took one phone call with Dr. Roher to realize that we shared the same desire and that desire was patient happiness.”

Dr. Poblete is also a Board Certified Anesthesiologist who specializes in non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

“Your results start from the moment you relax in the chair. If you aren’t at ease, I don’t feel I’m doing my job.”

Dr. Mark Poblete, M.D.


Dr. Shawn Vedamani, M.D.

Dr. Shawn Vedamani, M.D. is a board certified anesthesiologist whose passion for preventative and anti-aging medicine led him to join SDBotox in 2017. He brings 8 years of experience as a physician in both private clinics and educational institutions, as well as safe, cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments to each and every patient at SDBotox. Dr. Vedamani knows how important it is for patients to look and feel their best, and he is committed to helping them reach their goals.

Dr. Vedamani specializes is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and overall wellness.

Patty Dalton, R.N.

When it comes to cosmetic industry experience, Patty Dalton R.N. can hardly be rivaled. Dalton has worked in the cosmetic industry since 2001 after starting her journey working for a cosmetic dermatologist in Canada. Patty received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and has a list of well-rounded and pertinent specialties, including postoperative care, clinical evaluation of surgical patients, and injectables and laser treatments.

Dalton says that becoming SDBotox’s Aesthetic Nurse Specialist felt like the pinnacle of her career in cosmetic surgery.

“I wanted to be somewhere that the patient’s wants and needs mattered. It was evident that Dr. Roher shared the same sentiments as I. It also didn’t hurt that working at his botox center meant relocating to San Diego.”

Patty Dalton, R.N.


Gina Carozza

She has been with Dr. Roher since the beginning. This has given her the privilege to not only observe our talented doctors and nurses but also experience their efforts in positive growth. Throughout the years, we've added fun-spirited, knowledge-thirsty individuals that continue to strengthen our company while expanding our quality services. She loves working alongside so many professionals. The continual education that everyone takes part in really sets SDBotox apart from other practices.

You'll probably find her at the front desk because she loves interacting with the patients. I love the relaxed atmosphere that SDBotox fosters. A lot of SDBotox clients feel more like friends which, we think, allows for a more comfortable, open conversation about their wants and concerns. One of Gina's favorite parts about being the Office Manager here is planning the events. SDBotox has a blast hosting our patients and getting them excited with deals and giveaways. Keep a lookout for our next CoolEvent or Bubbles and Botox party.


Gina Carozza

Maria Patino, R.N.


Rachael Viola, LVN

Christina Jordan, LME

Christine Reynolds, LME


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