Chemical Peels Austin

Chemical Peels Austin

Our skin goes through many rough experiences through the years including exposure to the sun, harsh cosmetics, repeated facial expressions, acne scars, etc. All this damage becomes quite visible on our outer layer of skin and results in an unhealthy, dull, aged appearance.

The outer layer of skin on your face is made up of a dead layer of cells known as the epidermis. Treatment with the best chemical peels, such the Perfect Peel, remove this dull layer to expose the new youthful layer below. This leads to smooth, radiant skin with reduced fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and sunspots. SDBotox offers safe and results-driven procedures for chemical peels in Austin.

Best Chemical Peel in Austin

The epidermis, a dead layer of cells, covers the skin. The Perfect Peel eliminates this layer, uncovering a new layer with fewer wrinkles, scars, and sunspots for a smoother, more vibrant complexion. SDBotox provides reliable, effective chemical peels in Austin.

All About Chemical Peel Treatment

We offer many skin care treatments, but we are known for our Perfect Peel. This Peel safely removes the damaged skin layers, promoting cellular turnover, and refining the surface layer for firm, smooth, and supple skin.

The original Peel formula was created by combining a blend of eight active ingredients to achieve a youthful and radiant complexion. The ingredients include:

-Tricloroacetic acid (TCA)
-Retinoic acid (Retinoic acid)
-Salicylic acid
-Vitamin C
-and other minerals.

A cosmetic peel is a treatment applied to the skin that stimulates cell turnover and removes dead skin cells. It is a safe and effective treatment for almost any area of the body but is most effective on the face, neck, and hands.

Our Austin chemical peel works to:

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Restore an even skin tone
Smooth away rough skin texture
Reduce acne scars
Treat sun damage and sun spots

The Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel can help improve skin by reducing wrinkles and lines, shrinking enlarged pores, building collagen and elastin, and tightening and firming melasma. It can also help improve acne and acne scars by fighting free radical harm and removing discoloration from sun damage. The formula was designed to help improve various difficult skin conditions, including acne pimples. This peel can help reduce scarring and harm from acne pimples by improving cellular turnover and demolishing stubborn acne scars. Glutathione helps to boost cell turnover to erode persistent acne scars.

The Perfect Peel utilizes powerful ingredients and acids to reduce wrinkles, melasma, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. It is a non-invasive, low-pain process that requires only 2-3 sessions to reveal fresh skin.

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Chemical Peels FAQs

Once the procedure is over, you will see your skin become slightly swollen and red. However, this is normal and should go away within 24 hours. Around 3-4 days after the procedure, your skin will exfoliate naturally, so it’s a good idea to avoid wearing any makeup. This can be a dramatic change, as it can help to shed and smooth out the most superficial parts of your skin. However, the overall result is beautiful and radiant skin that will last for months. No downtime is necessary after the procedure, so you can return to most regular activities right away. However, it’s important to avoid doing too much activity for the first few days, as sweating can change your results.

The Perfect Peel is the safest peels on the market today. Our Austin office provides hundreds of chemical treatments per year. There are many options when it comes to facial peeling, but our patients tell us that the Perfect Peel is their go-to chemical peel solution. Other treatment includes:

TCA peel
Salicylic acid peel
Lactic acid peel
Jessner peel
PCA peel
Phenol peel
Blue peel

In our office, the procedure takes

Patients who adhere to a suitable skincare routine and avoid sun can observe lasting effects. We suggest 2-4 treatments monthly. Benefits of a VI Peel can be perceived in 2-5 days, with full effects visible 7-10 days later.

Patients may feel a brief tingle or sting which will soon disappear. Numbing will occur after initial Perfect Peel application. Providers may employ a cool breeze or fan to ease patient’s discomfort.

The Perfect Peel consists of the sloughing off of thin layers of epidermis, which begins around the third day and is completed by the sixth or seventh day.

The skin will appear red immediately after the peel, similar to a sunburn, and will gradually become darker over the next few days. Peeling will begin on Day 3 and should be completed by Day 6 or 7.

Patients may resume regular activities after the peel is done; however, vigorous exercise and sweating should be avoided while peeling.

When the peel is applied and post-peel, avoiding putting any products on your face.

The most common application areas are the face, neck, chest, and hands. The Perfect Peel could be applied to other areas of the physical body, but the process and the results will differ.

Limit your sun exposure if you can’t avoid it outright. Follow this guidance before and during the peeling process to avoid uneven exposure.

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Chemical Peels Pricing

<strong>Note:</strong> This service has same day recovery.

Chemical Peel

$175 / session

No consultation fees and no taxes on all medical procedures.

Chemical Peels Pricing

<strong>Note:</strong> This service has same day recovery.

Chemical Peel

$175 / session

No consultation fees and no taxes on all medical procedures.

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