Emsculpt Neo

Targeted Areas
Targeted Areas

Emsculpt Neo

The first non-invasive body sculpting device designed to eliminate fat cells and build muscles simultaneously. Using radiofrequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to induce muscular contractions at a rapid pace. These maximal contractions trigger a response that forces the targeted area to burn fat and build more muscle, similar to regular exercise. Men and women can add this body contouring treatment to help them look more fit and lean in the stomach, thighs, glutes, arms and calves.

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Emsculpt Neo FAQs

Depending on the individual’s starting fitness level, generally it is recommended to have at least 2-3 treatments a week for about 2-4 weeks for optimal results. Follow up sessions are typically recommended every 4-6 months for maintenance.

Typically 2 weeks after last treatment, optimal results are seen 3 months after the full series.

You can feel intense muscle contractions during treatment and heating sensation comparable to a hot stone massage. Your provider will be able to adjust the level of intensity during the treatment if needed.

There is no downtime with this procedure, you can get back to regular routine immediately after.

Emsculpt Neo Treatment Instructions


  • People with pacemakers, joint replacements, or implanted medical devices and women with IUDs should not receive Emsculpt treatments.

  • The ideal Emsculpt patients should be relatively active, as a healthy lifestyle will prolong desired results.

  • Make your healthcare provider aware of any health conditions, whether you feel they are relevant to your treatment or not.

  • Before treatment, your provider will go over a plan with you, including how many sessions are recommended for desired results.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol the day or two before your treatment.

  • Treat an Emsculpt session like a workout. That means drinking plenty of water before a treatment and avoiding large meals that could lead to discomfort afterward.

  • Consider a light snack and water ahead of your treatment. Snacks like protein bars are a good idea anyway before treatment.

  • There is no downtime following an Emsculpt treatment. Some patients report soreness as if they just had a solid workout, while others report minimal muscle discomfort. Expect to rest as you would after a workout and drinking plenty of water following your


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