Sciton Forever Clear BBL

Sciton Forever Clear BBL

What it is: Non-invasive acne treatment using the world’s most powerful intense pulse light device, delivering light energy deep into skin to effectively clear acne. Forever Clear BBL treatment uses a combination of blue, yellow and infra-red light to eliminate bacteria, reduce inflammation, and reduce future breakouts.

Who it’s for: Excellent for teens as young as 16 years old and adults living with active acne. This treatment will help to resolve active acne, even skin tone, and decrease future breakouts and will compliment/enhance your current acne therapy and skin care.

Where it’s used: Acne breakouts commonly occur on the face, but can also happen on the back. This treatment is safe to be performed on any area that struggles with acne.

How often: Minimum of 6 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart.

What to expect: This is a comfortable procedure that takes about 30 mins without topical anesthesia and zero downtime. Noticeable results in 5-7 days, best results after 6 sessions.

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