Registered Nurse

Crystal graduated Boston College and has been practicing the art of Nursing Science since 2004. Her specialties include Nephrology – both clinical education as well as Director of Operations, ICU, PICC Line Placement, OR, research assistant at Duke, and Aesthetics. She is working on completing her MBA at University of Alabama (online). Crystal loves making her patients feel more beautiful and confident. She is passionate about making her patient’s have the BEST experience! From educating, to providing comfort during and after treatments, and doing follow up visits, her patients are put at ease knowing that she will be there for them. One of her favorite areas to treat is the Periorbital area. Treating the challenging eye area with neurotoxins, lasers and/or microneedling to address the skin integrity as well as fillers to help the volume deficit is very gratifying for her. Crystal is grateful for her extraordinary life! She gets to do what she loves for a living and is surrounded by her loving family/friends/puppies/coworkers, and gets to travel. Her favorite season is… FOOTBALL season!!! Saturdays are meant for rooting with gusto for BAMA and Sundays are for the New England Patriots!!!!

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