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5 Non-Cosmetic Benefits of Botox

benefits of botox

Other uses for botox

Most people associate Botox with screen treatments and while it has had a safe and proven useful for a long time now, many are unaware of the other benefits of botox. So whether you are looking to smooth fine lines or wrinkles or are looking to treat existing conditions, Botox actually has a whole range of health benefits. Some of these range from gummy smile treatment to actually reducing sweat. Here are just five examples of the non-cosmetic benefits of botox.


1) Eases Migraines

For migraine sufferers there seems to be almost nothing they can do to relieve themselves from those terrible headaches. Nonetheless, after receiving Botox injections, individuals experience fewer instances of migraines as well as lessen the severity of the pain as well.

Experts have yet to totally confirm why this happens, but the current consensus is that it is because treatment helps relax muscles lowering sensitivity to pain.



2) Rhinitis

Whether from allergies or getting sick irritation to the nose and lungs can be incredibly uncomfortable. For those suffering from strong attacks of rhinitis, the constant coughing and sneezing make life really difficult.

Botox has been proven to be highly effective in treating both allergic and non-allergic forms of the condition. This way, you can step away from the tissues and get back to your normal life.


3) Reduced Prostate Gland Size

Prostate problems are one of the leading health problems in men over age 40. Botox injected into the prostate helps to improve the flow of urine as well as prevent urinary tract infections. These are two of the most common problems. Not only that, it also has been linked to treating arthritis pain and other age-related ailments.


4) Excessive Perspiration

Too much sweat can be a serious problem. People suffering from this have issues with their personal and social life and often have trouble with basic tasks like holding things. If this has been a problem for you and prescription antiperspirants just aren’t cutting it then Botox is the answer. Botox for excessive sweating disrupts the release of the chemical that turns on your sweat glands. As a result, it can correct the imbalance and take things back to a normal level.


5) Muscle Spasms and Stiffness

When your muscles are feeling heavy and inflexible, moving around can be difficult. This is particularly true for people with multiple sclerosis and other health conditions. Botox inject can help loosen these muscles and prevent muscle spasms. Botox for muscle spasms has even been proven to reduce issues like eye twitching and crossed eyes considerably improving people’s quality of life.



So Many Uses and Benefits of Botox

This just the beginning of the many benefits of Botox treatment. The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has recently put out a list of more than thirty therapeutic uses of the treatment. Whether it is a nerve, muscle, or skin, Botox could be a helpful option so talk to your doctor about it and see if it’s right for you!

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