5 Botox Aftercare Tips for Your Face

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The use of Botox has been used as a safe and effective treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for quite some time now. It is one of the best tools to fight against the signs of aging and prevent lines from forming. Moreover, common Botox treatment areas include the neck, the mouth, and the eyes. Nonetheless, as with any procedure, there are certain precautions you should take after undergoing Botox injections. If you are looking for the best results to make the most out of our treatment, then be sure you follow these five essential botox aftercare tips.

1) Do Not Rub Your Face for 24 Hours

Everybody has their “trouble areas,” and your Botox treatment was most likely targeted to that specific area. For botox aftercare, you will need to avoid rubbing your face or apply significant pressure on it for roughly 24 hours. Otherwise, you might move the dosage into an unintended area. Although it is not a filler, it is a toxin, which is why this is an important consideration. Touching or rubbing the area can cause undesired results like drooping eyelids or nerve damage.  
It’s common sense, but you have to remember it. When you get Botox, avoid touching your face, and you’ll be in great shape!

2) Exercise

The beauty of Botox treatments is that it does not have to interfere with your daily life. You can go to your appointment and get on with the rest of your day. There is barely any pain or discomfort, which means you can go back to work. Soreness or achiness is likely to happen but should subside within a couple of days. For proper botox aftercare, light to medium exercise is fine, but you may want to avoid strenuous activity for a few days after treatment for similar reasons as above.

botox aftercare SDBotox

3) Sleeping

Try to avoid sleeping on the areas treated. We know that sleeping in a specific position and staying that way can be tricky. If you think about it, how well can we control how we sleep? That said, if you received Botox on your face, it is imperative that you try to sleep on your back. The treatment needs time to settle into your muscles and lying on your stomach may prevent it from doing its job. It may not be the most comfortable position, but remember, it’s only for one night!

4) Pain-killers

Although it’s rare, some people may experience slight pain after treatment. Like we stated above, this pain should disappear within a few days. If you feel the need to take something, ask your doctor if Tylenol is okay, he or she may prescribe you some numbing cream instead that will reduce your discomfort. Also, remember to avoid strong painkillers, they are not necessary with non-invasive procedures like Botox. Applying an ice pack to the area which can help reduce bruising, but once again consult with your doctor.

botox aftercare SDBotox

5) Facial Exercises

After the first day, it’s time to very gently start exercising the muscles in the area. When it comes to botox aftercare all you have to do is natural facial expressions. Smile. Frown. Grin and so on. Beyond that, Botox is suited to do its job on its own. There’s nothing in particular that you are required to do.

Want more Botox After Care Instructions?

These five tips are just a few of the post-treatment instructions we recommend, but to ensure that your results are perfect, we have created a comprehensive guide. Click here to get the full list of dos and don’ts for Botox aftercare.

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