Botox is the Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

The title says it all. Botox is the best anti-wrinkle treatment out there. End of story.

Why Are Botox Injections so Effective?

Not only is Botox the best effective treatment, it is also the best preventative treatment. The reason Botox injections are so effective as an anti-wrinkle treatment is because they target the underlying cause of fine lines and wrinkles — the muscle. 

How Do Fine Lines and Wrinkles Form?

Now you may be wondering how fine lines and wrinkles form. It all starts with a nerve telling a muscle to contract. This causes the overlying skin to scrunch up. With time and repeated contractions, the skin begins to thin at specific points, and a wrinkle is born.
Think of the skin as a piece of paper. By folding the paper along the same crease over and over, you are deepening/reinforcing that fold and weakening the paper.
Now imagine all of a sudden you cannot fold the piece of paper. Instead, you flatten it out and place it between two large books. With time the fold fades. That is the same mechanism by which Botox can prevent and decrease the wrinkles of the face. The significant distinction in the analogy, however, is that skin is a living organ that can regenerate. So with time and good skin care, wrinkles virtually disappear.

How Else Can Fine Lines and Wrinkles Form?

Now that you understand the biological way fine lines and wrinkles form, let’s take a look at some other factors that may cause this.

Sun Exposure:
Repeated sun exposure without sun protection is a huge factor in wrinkle formation, especially here in Southern California. 

Smoking Cigarettes:
Another cause would be smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes causes your body to restrict it’s blood flow to the skin thus producing less oxygen, resulting in the premature formation of  fine lines and wrinkles. 

One last cause of wrinkles would simply be: it’s hereditary. Now don’t get upset with your parents about this. Let’s discuss some preventative measures.

At Home Fine Line and Wrinkle Prevention

Besides Botox being the best anti-wrinkle treatment, you should consider living a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious meals and upping your water intake. Although drinking a lot of water won’t remove wrinkles it definitely limitedly decreases the appearance of them over time. 

Another thing to consider is limiting your sun exposure and protecting your skin by using sun protective clothing and accessories such as stylish hats. Also, remember to never leave the house without applying a moisturizer or sunblock with a minimum of SPF 30, no matter the weather.

Get To the Source of the Wrinkle!

Botox’s competition includes topical creams and anti-wrinkles serums, which simply do not address the source of the wrinkle, and plastic surgery, which is very invasive and painful. That is why Botox has earned the reputation as the best anti-wrinkle treatment available.
It’s also why 6.1 million people had cosmetic Botox in 2012, up 8 percent from 2011.
All Botox is not the same, however. Make sure you do your homework and find a provider with a good reputation and proven results.