Botox Lip Flip in San Diego: 6 Things to Know

A plumper lip is on the wish list for many out there, as celebrities like Kylie Jenner have popularized that pouty look that may seem out of reach without a traditional dermal filler. Lip fillers have typically been the way to achieve a fuller set of lips, but there’s an alternative out there.
Enter the Botox lip flip.
If you’re seeking something more natural-looking, lip fillers may be a little bit too intimidating. Perhaps you don’t want to commit to the results for as long as fillers last, either, in case it seems like too much lip in the end.
That’s where the Botox lip flip comes in. It’s a more subtle lip enhancement that gives the appearance of a fuller lip by working with the top lip’s natural shape.

What Is a Botox Lip Flip?

A Botox lip flip is a non-surgical dermal lip filler alternative that gives the lip a subtle lift or flip. Botox is injected into a few strategic spots along your upper lip, namely the center and corners. This relaxes those muscles and allows for that signature flip, which just means more of the upper lip is visible as it rolls slightly upward.

How Does a Botox Lip Flip Enhance Your Lips?

A Botox lip flip doesn’t add as much noticeable volume to your lips for that plumped-up pout, unlike a dermal filler. It works with the natural shape of your lips, so the effect is more subtle.
The Botox injected into your lip magnifies your natural pout, so it may not be obvious to those around you that you’ve had anything done. They may just notice you look a little more fresh-faced than usual, a positive for many fans of the procedure.

The Benefits of a Botox Lip Flip

Fans of the Botox lip flip in San Diego have discovered several benefits that work for what they’re trying to achieve with their lips:

  • It’s less expensive than fillers. If you’re seeking that subtle something, injecting a few units of Botox into your lip will be more cost-effective than traditional fillers, even if you’re having the procedure more often.
  • It’s more natural. The lip flip isn’t for those seeking a drastic change, as it’s a more natural result that works with the shape of your lips. It can also help to reduce fine lines around the mouth. If you’re looking for a quick refresh with a more subtle effect, the lip flip will do that for you.
  • The procedure is quick. Most Botox lip flips are completed in about 10 minutes, and you’ll be ready to go about your day right after.
  • There is minimal downtime. You may experience some soreness or swelling after your procedure, but you’ll be able to return to your daily activities right after leaving the doctor’s office. Your provider will give you all the information you need to prepare for your procedure.
  • Results improve over time. As with Botox, you’ll see complete results of your Botox lip flip within about a week of your procedure, with initial results in a few days.

You Can Combine It With a Lip Filler

If your goal is figuring out how to make your lips bigger in a more noticeable way but still want to give a Botox lip flip a test run, you can use a Botox lip flip in a combination approach with a dermal lip filler. Your provider can offer a more personalized solution that will give you both fullness and volume and address any issues you may have with your lips.
You can add volume with a filler where that volume is lacking and then inject Botox to enhance or subtly change the shape of your lip. A dermal lip filler can also target your lower lip, unlike your Botox lip flip.
The volume you get from a lip filler will last longer than your Botox, as well, giving you longer-lasting results overall. Dermal lip fillers tend to last at least six months, as the hyaluronic acid used in fillers promotes collagen production and a variety of anti-aging properties.

How Long Do Results Last?

A Botox lip flip isn’t a permanent fix. Just as with traditional Botox in San Diego, your results will last up to about three months, with some patients needing a touchup around the two-month mark.
Results will likely not last as long as other areas of the face because you use your lips more throughout the day. Any movement from talking, smiling, eating, or drinking works those lip muscles that you just relaxed with your Botox treatment.

How to Know If You’re a Good Candidate

A lip flip is best for those seeking a more natural lip enhancement. If you’re looking for fullness over volume, consider a Botox lip flip.
Choose a lip flip to improve a gummy smile, where you feel that you’re showing too much of your gums when you’re showing your teeth. Those with a thinner lip that disappears when they smile are also good candidates, as a lip flip will give the appearance of a fuller top lip.
Consider the maintenance involved with a lip flip, as well. While results are fairly quick, they’re not as long-lasting as other cosmetic procedures. You’ll likely need to return for touch-ups around the two-month mark. Talk to your provider about alternatives if you’re looking for something longer-lasting.
If you still have questions about whether a Botox lip flip in San Diego is for you, our expert team of doctors and nurses are standing by to give you the answers you need. Book your Botox lip flip appointment or a free consultation today to see what everyone is talking about.