Why CoolSculpting Cost is Worth the Long-Term Investment

coolsculpting worth the investment

With the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures in society today, naturally, there is an increasing demand for procedure options that are not as invasive as surgery. Patients who are looking for these types of non-invasive procedures have historically reached to botox or tanning for their appearance alterations, but more recently, people have been valuing the rapidly-expanding CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, procedure. Many people prematurely worry about the costs associated with the procedure, and in response, companies have been cutting costs to the end user to make it a more routine and commonplace.

CoolSculpting Cost vs. Alternative Costs

The costs for a CoolSculpting procedure can vary depending on the number of sessions, area treated, and the company providing the treatment, but industry standards claim that procedures can range from $750 – $1,500+. However, when taking into consideration the costs that CoolSculpting will absorb in your own wallet, it saves you money in the long term.   
Assuming that by undergoing a CoolSculpting procedure you are then stopping the use of alternative solutions, such as plastic surgery or diet meal plans, over a long period of time you will be paying less money for a great solution to your problem. According to CoolSculpting experts, the fat cells that are eliminated during the process are gone permanently. That said, the effects of the procedure can be permanent if maintained by proper upkeep.

Low Risk of Damage to Skin and Minimal Side Effects

The nature of the process may seem dangerous to the uninformed opinion, but many people are actually surprised when they learn how gentle and non-intrusive the cryolipolysis procedure is. The process is simple: freeze the stubborn fat cells just beneath the surface of the skin, and over the weeks that follow, the body naturally gets rid of the dead fat cells that remain.
Experts say that the only potential damage to the skin would be some slight bruising, redness, or swelling of the skin immediately following the procedure. The bruising and swelling are temporary, as any natural blemish such as this is. Though they are rare, they can be some additional side effects after the procedure, so it is important to consult your doctor leading up to your appointment to confirm you are a good candidate. For more information on possible side effects, see CoolSculpting’s official FAQ page.

A “Head Start” to your Body Transformation

We all know about that stubborn area on our body that won’t go away, even WITH regular diet and exercise. Whether it’s your belly, arms, or double-chin, CoolSculpting can be the extra boost you need to finally reach the goal body that you’ve been working so hard for. These are the cases for the majority of our clients, and our customer satisfaction shows to prove it.
Another common patient situation are people who are ready to commit to a full-body transformation. When beginning a new fitness plan and active lifestyle, your body may not be prepared to handle the stress that extra body weight put on your joints. If you pair this new routine with CoolSculpting, however, your joints will likely have less weight and pressure on them, leading to more successful workouts and workout retention.  
If you’re ready to start transforming your body with this quick and painless procedure, contact us today.