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Rejuvenate Your Beauty With Dermal Filler Face Injections

dermal fillers

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it doesn’t hurt to have some help either. Dermal fillers can be used to enhance natural beauty and create a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. Nonsurgical treatments are popular because they can provide excellent results, with minimal downtime.


How Can Dermal Fillers Enhance Your Natural Beauty?

Dermal fillers can be used to contour and shape facial features and to add volume to specific areas. They are often used to reduce the effects of aging in wrinkle-prone areas like the forehead and eyes.


What Makes Up Dermal Fillers?

There are various filler injections on the market today. A common ingredient in many is hyaluronic acid. At SDBotox we exclusively use hyaluronic acid based fillers as they are the safest and results can be seen immediately. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are also reversible, meaning a doctor or medical professional can dissolve them if the patient dislikes the results. Although, this is rarely the case since most patients are more than satisfied with their results.

Hyaluronic acid has a similar structure to collagen and can go into different depths and areas of the face. Hyaluronic acid also stimulates new collagen production and acts as a structure for the collagen to sit upon. As hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, there is minimal risk of an allergic reaction.

dermal fillers


Where Can You Inject Dermal Fillers?

Smooth Lines – Many people have fine lines on their forehead and horizontal forehead wrinkles. Forehead botox injections can reduce the wrinkles. However, dermal fillers can also be used to add volume and smooth the appearance of these lines. Dermal fillers can also be used to smooth out crow’s feet, worry lines, and expression lines around the mouth.


Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty – Going under the knife is costly, can pose a risk, and the results are permanent. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty using dermal fillers provides a cheaper, safer alternative that can also reverse if desired. Dermal fillers can be used to add volume to specific areas of the nose which can change the shape and profile.


Neck Rejuvenation- Neck rejuvenation can be performed using dermal fillers. The neck is often an area that sags and loses volume with age; fillers can smooth the neck and fill out the skin to create a youthful appearance.


Lip Enhancement- One of the more popular dermal filler procedures. As we age, we lose volume in the face, and the lips are no exception. Lip enhancement can add volume and shape to create lips that are soft, plump, and kissable.


Under-Eye Rejuvenation- Many people experience loss of volume and dark circles under the eyes. Dermal filler injections can fill the hollow areas to replace the lost volume and reduce darkened areas to create a brighter and healthier appearance.


Liquid Facelifts- A tremendous nonsurgical alternative to a surgical facelift— and not a scalpel in sight! The filler is strategically placed in specific areas of the face to create a smooth and youthful lifted complexion.


Enhance your natural beauty with dermal fillers at SDBotox. We are the experts in nonsurgical procedures, and we put our patient’s needs at the forefront of our minds. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer, or to arrange a consultation with one of our doctors.


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