Forehead Wrinkles: Botox or Dermal Fillers

Forehead Wrinkles Botox or Dermal Fillers

One of the first tell-tale signs of age is forehead wrinkles, and it’s impossible to avoid as we age. The saving grace is there are options for ridding your face of these signs of aging. So, which one is the best option for forehead wrinkles?
Juvederm and Botox are the two most popular products on the market today to help fight signs of wrinkles, but these two products are drastically different.
Botox is a drug that partially paralyzes muscles.  As a result of not being reinforced by continuous muscular contraction, the wrinkle fades. Juvederm, a type of dermal filler, fills in existing wrinkles.
Another reason why people may appear older is the loss of facial tone. As time goes by, everyone starts to lose volume in their facial area. This deficiency causes sagging of the skin, and that is where dermal fillers and Botox enter the picture.
SD Botox specializes in both procedures and is happy to explain the best treatment options for you. Let’s further investigate how to get rid of deep wrinkles. The following is about each method and its differences.
Brown haired woman getting her facial features examined for Botox.

How Can Botox Help with Deep Forehead Wrinkles?

Botox is a toxin that when injected paralyzes the muscle. The serum causes the muscle to relax, thus eliminating the wrinkle.
Many individuals talk with their whole face. They are engaging, animated, and able to mesmerize an audience. While these skills are perfect for a mom who is a remarkable storyteller or someone who loves to laugh – these traits can also be grounds for wrinkles on the forehead.
The following are areas where the horizontal lines form:

  • Forehead
  •  Furrows
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Frown Lines

In these regions, Botox is a preventive measure to keep wrinkles from forming. The injections also treat wrinkles that are already present.
Infographic that explains the areas where wrinkles occur on the face.

Botox For Deep Forehead Wrinkles Treatment

It’s simple, and it works great. We have proven its success for years now. Most patients choose it because it’s easy, fast and the procedure only takes minutes.
You can start your treatments of smoothing deep forehead lines with one simple visit. The serum in each dose stops the tightening of these muscles that causes the lines in the first place and is FDA approved.
We will assess your facial formation to decide where to inject, and the product will freeze the muscles at the targeted area. We ensure safety and effectiveness by pinpointing the area to restrict the contractions.
We prefer to treat aging wrinkles before they set deep in the skin, but we also have a proven record of success with treating all types of forehead lines.
By doing so, allows us to intercept permanent folds and lines in the skin. Our professional staff offers Botox to reverse the signs of aging. We recommend starting before lines begin as an early preventive measure.

What Can Dermal Fillers Do for Forehead Lines?

Dermal fillers are newer to the industry and have been gaining popularity among customers. Depending on how acute your wrinkles are, Dermal fillers may be a better selection. Fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, are the most popular choice for patients.
In the area that is injected, the ingredient plumps out where the wrinkles may occur. Some see fillers as a healthier option than Botox. Dermal fillers rely on strong hyaluronic acid to work. The ingredients assist your skin in absorbing water, giving it a plumper appearance.
It can often take weeks for the product to metabolize. Throughout this time, your skin continues to smooth out while the filler begins to stimulate the injected area.  During this process, the skin begins producing natural collagen.
A brown haired man before and after Botox pictures.

What are Static Wrinkles and Dynamic Wrinkles?

Static wrinkles are noticeable when the facial area is at rest and relaxed. As we age, the skin’s dermal layer becomes thinner. The loss of fullness and elasticity manifest in static wrinkles.
Dynamic wrinkles develop when wrinkles no longer fade as the face relaxes. By enhancing fullness to the dermal layer, dermal fillers assist with removing wrinkles. That process fills up the tissue, improving it to appear more youthful and with fewer creases.
These types of fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are both in high demand. You will begin to see the results in a few days after the injection.
A practitioner is injecting a women's forehead with Botox

What to Consider When Choosing Treatment Options

Whether Dermal fillers or Botox is the best choice for you will depend on a few things. The first is the dynamics of your facial muscles. Next, we will need to determine the type of deep forehead wrinkles you have. In some cases, a mixture of both Dermal fillers and Botox is necessary to smooth away dynamic and static wrinkles.
Our in-depth consultations and sessions are the best in San Diego. It’s significant to us that we achieve the results you want. To do this, this begins with an always attentive and professional consultation.
You will never feel as though you are “just another patient,” to our trained practitioners at SD Botox. Each dedicated team member will take the necessary time to explain the details of your skin. Then, together we will discuss your goals, timing, and costs.
Our goal is for you is to leave your consultation feeling self-assured. We will ensure you are knowledgeable and looking forward to your procedure. Are you tired of seeing those deep forehead signs of aging? We can help. We are the most well-trained team of professionals in the San Diego area.
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