7 of the Hottest Cosmetic Trends for 2021

Happy woman touching her face

Cosmetic treatments have only grown in popularity over the last few years, particularly as many treatment options require little to no downtime and almost immediate effects. As methods continue to improve, the applications of existing treatments expand with doctors finding new, revolutionary uses for minimally invasive procedures.
Cosmetic trends in the coming year are then focused on innovation and addressing skin problems efficiently and effectively. Here are seven of the top cosmetic industry trends for 2021.

Complexion Treatments

Perhaps as a response to the pandemic’s effects on stressed-out skin and mask use that has had adults dealing with acne for the first time in years, treatments that promise to improve complexions will be popular in 2021. Patients will look for treatments that reduce the appearance of acne scarring as a result of increased breakouts, as well.
A carbon laser facial is one option, a non-invasive treatment that improves the appearance of acne and the overall texture of the skin. Added positive byproducts are reducing oil-producing glands in areas affected by acne, softer skin from the smoothing away of dead skin cells and blackheads, and a boost in collagen production that can even lead to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
Carbon laser facial

Small But Efficient Changes

The beauty industry is full of minimally-invasive procedures that promote easy healing and little to no downtime after a cosmetic appointment. That efficiency and immediate positive improvements to the skin will continue to improve in the coming year, along with new ways that treatments can work in tandem.
Rather than major changes to one’s appearance or surgical treatments that require more rest may be a financial burden for some, most seeking cosmetic treatments will continue looking for procedures that offer minor tweaks here and there. Combination treatments where multiple areas of concern are addressed at once will also grow in popularity to make appointments efficient and more holistic.

Laser Resurfacing

Following a challenging year, patients will be looking for skin treatments that address long-standing problems they’ve had with their skin, once and for all. Procedures like fractional laser resurfacing to improve skin tone and texture offer immediate solutions to scarring, brown spots, even wrinkles that may not have responded to over-the-counter methods and serums. Patients will look for ways they can leave the doctor’s office feeling better than they came in.
Laser resurfacing treatment

Facelifts the Less Invasive Way

As part of the move away from expensive and invasive surgical procedures, existing cosmetic treatments are being used in new ways. PDO thread lifts and Dermal filler treatments are becoming a go-to alongside Botox for those looking for a tightening of the skin, usually seen with traditional surgical facelifts.
During a liquid facelift, the fillers and Botox work by targeting areas of the face that need attention, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Aesthetic trends that will enhance your features and take years off of your skin will continue to grow in popularity, despite a need for additional upkeep to maintain that appearance. Depending on the type of filler used and a patient’s lifestyle, patients can expect their dermal fillers to last between 9-24 months. Botox results last between 3-6 months.
Liquid facelife injection

Longer-Lasting Results

Patients will always be interested in cosmetic treatments that promise longer-lasting results, particularly as the skin begins to show aging signs. Growth in procedures like the Titan laser treatment has introduced a new set of fans to treatments that promise results lasting six months or more. This skin tightening method targets areas of the skin beset by wrinkles, including the neck, abdomen, even above the knees, on top of bumping up your own skin’s production of collagen.

At-Home Treatments

With more time spent at home over the last year, there has been a surge in at-home cosmetic treatments that promise to improve skin appearance over time. Beauty trends in cosmetics are centered around gentler treatments that you can do from the comfort of your own home, perhaps even between office visits. These treatments can help hydrate and soothe irritated skin, help minimize fine lines, or even out a skin tone. Finding the right skincare products is essential to ensure your skin will respond to at-home treatments.
woman applying skincare at home

Natural-Looking Results

It’s no longer about immediate results that make it obvious to anyone spending time with you that you’ve had some work done. Patients want subtle changes that leave patients looking refreshed, rested, and with a glow that suggests a healthy lifestyle. Targeting one area over another without considering the overall shape and contours of a face, for example, tends to highlight problems elsewhere. Doctors are taking a more holistic approach to cosmetic treatments, leading to more satisfied patients. Unnatural looks are out, and natural looks are in.
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