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Truth Be Told – How Much does Botox Cost?

July 25, 2018

Fine lines and wrinkles have become an inevitable part of our aging process. They make us look less attractive and exhausted as compared to when we were younger. Botox and Juvederm have been a touted and safe method used to fix this problem. SDBotox specializes in providing you with a more youthful look, using minimally invasive techniques such as Coolsculpting and Botox. SDBotox has been doing so for more than five years now. Here’s a guide to how much Botox costs per sitting.

Botox vs Juvederm. What is your treatment of choice?

Juvederm’s main purpose is to add volume for the hollow and depleted tissues of your face. On the other hand, Botox works on horizontal forehead wrinkles and other wrinkles that appear with facial movements. They are both temporary procedures used to enhance facial features. Also, both treatments give natural-looking and visible results within two days after the session is performed.
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Botox: What is a Botox procedure, and how long does Botox last?

Botox is made from a bacterial toxin and therefore cannot get absorbed into the skin like creams or lotions. Depending on where Botox is injected, it is used to combat fine lines and wrinkles. It works by temporarily paralyzing muscles, which in turn allows for your wrinkles to cease. Other purposes of Botox include reducing sweating, eliminating migraines, and treat muscle stiffness.
The risks of related to Botox procedures are either due to sensitivity of the skin, skin conditions, or Botox procedures done by unqualified personnel. Experienced cosmetologists at SDBotox utilize three neuromodulators available in the USA, which are Botox (regular), Xeomin, and Dysport to give you safe results.
You may start noticing the results after 24 to 48 hours, with the results lasting up to 4 months. A lot of people start seeing results on the third day after the procedure and show complete results on the seventh day. Those who receive Botox injections regularly require less Botox than those who receive treatment for the first time. Results last from three to four months for a first-time Botox recipient.

What you should know about “preventive Botox”?

Experts have reported an influx of younger generations opting for preventive Botox because it is better sooner than later. But what is a safe age to begin? Some could need it in their mid-twenties whereas some would need it in their thirties. However, methods like forehead Botox for preventive care, are not suggested at an early age as there are risks of developing complications like “11” vertical lines on the nose, etc.
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Wondering how much Botox costs?

There are many beauty products that claim to provide a solution to aging, however, these costly products never address the core problem. Cosmetic surgeries are invasive, painful, and extremely expensive. SDBotox provides a long-lasting wrinkle-free result in just a few sittings. Due to the short recovery time, you are also allowed to resume daily activities as soon as you leave the office.
At SDBotox we offer you a fair price for high-quality service. We agree on the number of Botox injections required before the procedure and inject that amount. Pricing is based on the number of Botox units injected and the amount required as per the size of your muscle. The cost per unit for Botox is $12. For Xeomin, the cost per unit is $11 and for Dysport, it’s $4.
So cast your worries about the cost of Botox aside and instead benefit from the uses of Botox with SDBotox, a leading practice in San Diego who provides you with a fair price in addition to lasting results.

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