Is Laser Acne Scar Removal in San Diego For Me?

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Have you been considering seeking laser treatment to have acne scars removed? Developments in cosmetic laser technology have increased the effectiveness of the treatment of erasing scars caused by acne. The procedure is a safe and proven treatment. Clients reports having an improved self-esteem and an overall healthy appearance after laser scar removal treatment.
If you dream is to have gorgeous skin, we can help. First, let’s learn more about laser treatment for acne scars.

What Causes Acne Scarring?

Some people have naturally, unblemished skin. Good for them! But, there are others who struggle with self-esteem due to severe acne scars. Although acne is normal, it can leave lasting scars. During the adolescent years, you may begin noticing tiny bumps appearing on your skin. These bumps can appear anywhere on the body, but the most common areas are the:

  • Face
  • Neck Nape
  • Back
  • Chest

Acne happens due to the skin pores swelling from excess oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Unfortunately, when the skin’s pore enlarges enough to rupture the follicle wall, it can lead to lesions. The damaged areas may be temporary and heal fast. But, if the infected substance spills out onto the nearby skin, it can result in deep-seated lesions.
Your skin has natural healing abilities and will try to correct these areas with new collagen fibers. But, unfortunately, these are not typically as smooth as your natural skin. Your new skin may also appear a different texture or color. The final result is acne scars that are difficult to conceal.
Usually, these breakouts will fade during the late teen years. However, some people aren’t as lucky as they continue to scar even during their adulthood.
The wound-healing course begins with irritation. That irritation progresses to tissue development and ends with altering specific aspects of the anatomy. One aspect is collagen. Collagen is the primary protein located in the connective tissue that promotes bone, cartilage, skin and blood vessels. Scarring happens when the wound-healing process experiences a disruption. An example of such disruptions is too little or too much collagen. The keloid scar is the result of a mass of collagen.

Laser Treatment For Acne Scars in San Diego

treatment of laser acne scarring
Today’s Excel V Laser scar removal procedures can lessen the look of several kinds of scars, including:

  • Keloid Scarring:  The scar is a raised, reddish-purple, firm area that spreads past the original wound area and builds over time.
  • Hypertrophic Scarring: The scar is a raised, pink, firm scar that stays within the original wound area and should fade with time.
  • Atrophic Scarring: The scar is a pin-like, depressed pocket in the skin that results from acne or other skin conditions.

Your other scar removal option is fractional laser resurfacing, which can even skin tone and reduce discoloration, including acne scarring.
Not every person will make a good candidate for the acne scar removal procedure. Individuals who suffer from skin disorders such as dermatitis, cystic acne and psoriasis may not be perfect candidates. Those using medications such as isotretinoin for acne cannot take the drug for six months before the procedure.


How Does the Treatment Work?

The laser system delivers pulsations of light energy which triggers the blood to coagulate. That process eventually destroys the vessel that over time your body will reabsorb. The blood flow will redirect to the deeper veins below the surface of the skin, where it should be.
The laser is adjustable for each patients skin condition as well as the area size needing treatment for both deeper and superficial problems. The Excel V Laser System we use in our practice produces a continuous cooling element before, during, and after each laser pulse.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, you will not need a topical anesthesia or injection. Each laser procedure lasts between 15-30 minutes. Each patients condition is different. Therefore, the duration of the process could vary. Your doctor will pass the laser over the affected areas of your skin.
Young woman receiving laser treatment

Is This Treatment Safe?

The Excel V laser is a one of a kind option to treat acne with the utilization of a laser. Its prime target is the sebaceous gland. This device is perfect for patients with acne scarring thanks to its ability to reach the deepest layer of skin to target excess oil buildup. The Excel V is efficient and fast and is the best laser for acne scars. It works by establishing a balance between both cooling and heating the skin which shields the area to ensure the safety of the patient’s skin.

Get Acne Scar Removal in San Diego Today

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