Top Scar Removal Treatments in San Diego

scar removal

We all have scars. And while a scar may not be a big deal if it is small or in a concealed location, it can cause a good deal of stress if it isn’t. Scars are evidence of your skin having undergone significant trauma either through an injury, condition, or severe acne problem. However, not everyone wants the scarring hanging around forever. Fortunately, nowadays some great scar removal treatment options can help you target troublesome areas.

Types of Scars

Before we can talk about the best places for treatment, it’s important to understand the different types of scars. Knowing the kind of scars that can form helps you better understand what options might be available to you. Not all scars are the same, and they can be broken down into three major categories:

  • Keloid: This is the most common scar from injury. It typically appears as pink or dark raised scar resulting from excess collagen underneath your skin. They are limited to just the injury area, however, because of this additional buildup.
  • Hypertrophic: These are similar to Keloid except they are typically limited to just the affected area. They often slightly raised and red and are more manageable than Keloid scars.
  • Contracture: These scars are the result of severe burns and are typically very deep and result in tightening of the skin sometimes even restricting your ability to move.
  • Acne: If you have suffered from severe acne then you have probably been left with some ice pick, boxcar, or rolling scars.

Treatment Options for Scar Removal

Depending on the type of scar you have will determine which kind of treatment will work for you.
That said, certain parts of the body are better suited towards treatment than others. There is a wide range of options available depending on the scar, but the most proven effective treatments are the following:

Cosmetic Laser

This option is used for surgical scars in particular and is an overall excellent non-invasive option. Your doctor will use intense light to shrink the reduce the color, shape, and size of a scar.

IPL Treatment

Impulse light (IPL) uses flash lamp therapy to treat a range of skin conditions including age spots, acne scars and more. It’s a useful and quick treatment option that helps that skin appear visibly younger.

Dermal Fillers

These are great options for deep tissue scars and can work from within to make them appear smooth once again. Dermal fillers have many uses and can stimulate collagen formation, which can rejuvenate skin and thus reduce the appearance of certain scars. 

Fractional Resurfacing

This laser resurfacing treatment is a non-invasive, microscopic laser that smoothes wrinkles, evens skin tone, diminishes the appearance of scars, and fades brown spots.

Top Places for Receiving Treatment

As we mentioned before, a lot of these treatment options have to do with the type of scar you have. The good news is that for most scars, the treatments mentioned above are highly effective for scar removal. That said, the top places most people seek and receive these treatments are:

  1. Face: Effective for treating acne scars and sun damage.
  2. Neck: Another essential place for managing damage from acne.
  3. Knees: One of the most common places for injuries and scar-prone areas.
  4. Calfs: Another injury prone area that can be hit effectively with cosmetic lasers.
  5. Arms: Although scarring here is less common, this highly visible area has many proven treatment options.

Quick and Effective Scar Removal in San Diego

For most people, they want to get to the point where they can stop looking at an ugly scar. The good news is that there a many fast, effective and safe treatment options available. Contact us to see how we can help you remove that trouble scar right away.