Start the New Year Right With These 5 Cosmetic Treatments

New Years Eve Celebration

The holiday season is hectic, no matter how prepared you think you are. That’s why it’s important that you don’t forget about yourself in all of the hustle and bustle and do something that will allow you to kick off the new year feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If you’ve been thinking about starting the new…

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Microneedling Benefits and Risks: Is it Worth it?

The skin is the largest and most exposed organ in the body. While the skin acts as a protective barrier for our bodies, over time the skin itself becomes susceptible to genetic and environmental factors that cause our skin to age visibly. When this happens, the level of collagen in our skin decreases and elasticity…

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Decided You Want to Do Microneedling? Here’s What to Expect

Youthful, glowing skin with a soft, even texture is something everyone wants, but acne scars and stretch marks might be standing in your way. Microneedling has gained popularity in recent years as a minimally invasive solution to skincare and collagen production. With the ability to rejuvenate your skin in quick sessions that deliver fast results,…

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Collagen Induction Therapy


Have you tried all the creams and gels on the market for your fine lines and wrinkles, but nothing seems to be working? Collagen induction therapy is a skin rejuvenation technique that uses microneedling to create small punctures on your skin with the help of microscopic technology in order to help the skin produce collagen…

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