7 Fat Burning Secrets: A Holistic Approach to Burn Fat Quickly

How to loose fat fast

We’d all love to wave a magic wand and get rid of the undesired areas of fat on our bodies, right? Well, thanks to scientific advancements in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, that dream has become a reality– sort of.

Cosmetic treatments now offer an effective way to burn fat quickly through naturally occurring injectables, temperature technologies, and light therapy. Cosmetic procedures are a great option to treat stubborn areas of fat, but you should also take a holistic approach to burn fat in a healthy and sustainable way. Making healthy lifestyle changes is the first step that we recommend our patients take when they’re looking to burn fat quickly. Maintaining a nutritious diet, a regular exercise regimen, and practicing good overall health will create the building blocks you need to lose fat and keep it off. Combining a healthy lifestyle with cosmetic procedures will help you get lean and feel great in your skin.

The Science of Body Fat

The first thing you need to know before you embark on your body transformation journey is the science of body fat. It all starts with the food you put into your body. Your body needs energy to function, and it gets that energy through calories from the food you eat. When you consume more calories than your body needs, those calories turn into fat cells. Fat cells are vital to your body because they act as energy reserves that your body can use as back-up fuel. When your activity level is higher than your caloric intake, your body converts these fat cells back into energy to keep you going, which is the basis of fat burning.

While many people believe that the primary key to losing fat is burning more calories than you’re consuming, it’s much more complicated than that. The majority of the calories you burn on any given day are from normal bodily functions like breathing and keeping your heart pumping. The number of calories your body needs for these functions is determined by your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Increasing your BMR can help your body operate more efficiently. The best way to do this is to focus on gaining muscle. Muscle is proven to burn two to three times more calories than fat. Building muscle will speed up your metabolism and allow you to burn calories faster without significantly reducing your food intake.
Creating a sustainable diet and exercise regimen is essential to building muscle and burning fat. Combining a healthy lifestyle with regular cosmetic treatments will give your body the support it needs to maintain your figure even when you slip up in your routine.

How to Burn Fat Quickly with Health, Exercise, and Diet

Whole Foods

Modifying your diet is a fundamental step to getting rid of excess fat and giving your body a more efficient way to fuel itself. When you change your diet, the first thing you should focus on is whole foods. Whole foods are unprocessed foods that you eat in their natural state. On the opposite end, processed foods (think sugary beverages and packaged foods) are loaded with additive sugars, dyes, flavors, and empty calories that are converted into fat cells in your body. You can cut out these empty calories by consuming whole foods like vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, beans, and nuts. In addition to these foods being packed with vitamins and minerals, whole foods are easier for your body to convert into energy, making it efficient to burn the calories off.
You should also get enough fats in your diet. That’s right! Eating fat doesn’t cause you to produce more fat cells, but you have to make sure you’re getting the right types of fat.
Healthy bowl of food

Healthy Fats

Dietary fat is essential for supporting cell growth, giving your body energy, and absorbing nutrients. Your body doesn’t naturally produce fatty acids, so it’s essential to incorporate them into your diet. The best way to get these fats is through monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and omega-rich foods. Avoid trans fats and saturated fats because they raise your cholesterol levels, which increases the number of fat cells you need.
You can find “good fats” in foods like avocados, nuts, leafy greens, and fish. Regardless of the source, consuming too many calories can lead to weight gain, so just like anything else in your diet, moderation is key when it comes to adding fat to your diet.

Lean Protein

The last thing you need to incorporate into your diet to burn fat quickly is protein. Protein is the building block of muscle and muscle helps increase your metabolism. If you want to get lean fast, you need to be adding a source of lean protein to each meal. Lean proteins have less fat, fewer calories, and help keep you full for longer periods of time. Fish, chicken, beef, eggs, tofu, beans, and yogurt are all great sources of lean protein that will help you build muscle and healthily fuel your body.

Stay Hydrated

Increasing your water intake is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to help your body burn fat. Your body metabolizes fat through lipolysis, and one of the major components of this process is water. Getting enough H20 throughout the day will not only help you burn fat, but it will also naturally suppress your appetite, aid digestion, and keep you hydrated for workouts.
Research suggests that drinking 2 liters of water per day can help you burn up to 96 calories by increasing your metabolism.
In summary, water is your best friend when it comes to losing fat quickly.
Woman staying hydrated

Optimize Your Cardio Routine

Everyone knows that exercise is unavoidable when it comes to burning fat, but you don’t have to subject yourself to four hours on the treadmill every day to get lean. Optimizing your exercise regimen so that it burns calories in the most efficient way possible will help you burn fat quickly without spending all your time in the gym. The best way to get this done is through cardio.
Cardio exercise is any aerobic activity that is repetitive and challenging enough to make the heart and lungs use oxygen as a source of fuel to sustain the body for over 15-20 minutes. This can include walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming, and anything else that requires a significant amount of prolonged oxygen.
women doing cardio on the treadmill
Any type of cardio exercise will help you burn calories, but the trick is to base your cardio’s intensity on your heart rate to find your specific aerobic zone. The aerobic zone is the heart rate at which your body uses oxygen to fuel your metabolism and create energy from fat. Low-to-moderate intensity cardio helps your body burn fat directly by making fat a readily available source of energy. These exercises are great for beginners or those with higher stores of fat they want to get rid of quickly.
High-intensity cardio helps your body burn more overall calories, making it a more sustainable fat burning method. If you’re going to optimize your cardio routine, try high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which requires you to perform exercises that maximize your heart rate in short intervals. HIIT can increase your metabolism and help your body continue to burn fat long after your workout is over so you can get a bang for your buck.

How to Burn Fat Quickly with Cosmetic Treatments

Sometimes even when you make these healthy lifestyle changes, there are still some stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away no matter how clean you eat or how hard you train. In these cases, cosmetic treatments are an effective and safe option to get the physique you’ve worked so hard to achieve. SDBotox offers the following fat reduction and muscle building treatments:


CoolSculpting is an FDA approved, completely non-invasive way to burn stubborn body fat and contour your muscles. This treatment doesn’t require any needles, scalpels, or work on your part, making it a magic wand for removing fat. During the procedure, the CoolSculpting machine attaches to the problem area and uses controlled cooling technology to target, freeze, and crystallize fat cells without affecting the overlying skin. In the following weeks and months after the treatment, the body progressively absorbs the dead cells. The unwanted fat is filters through the kidneys and leaves the body in the urine. Most patients see a 20-25% reduction in fat in the treated area within one to three months. CoolSculpting can help you healthily lose belly fat without crazy crash diets or insane amounts of cardio, so you can safely get the lean body of your dreams.
Coolscupting helps burn unwanted belly fat


Kybella is a treatment designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted chin fat. The treatment helps eliminate fat through a human-made version of deoxycholic acid, a substance our bodies produce naturally to absorb fat. The deoxycholic acid is injected in specific areas of your chin and neck to decrease the amount of fat and tighten the overlying skin. Kybella is the first and only FDA approved product that dissolves fat from the “double chin.” Although Kybella injections are primarily used under the chin, it can also decrease the appearance of the jowls. Because there’s no exercise you can do for your lower face, this treatment is an excellent option for those with excess chin and neck fat they’d like to get rid of.
Kybella treatment


CoolTone is a non-invasive state of the art body contouring device designed to remove fat and tone your muscles simultaneously. Through magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS), the CoolTone treatment induces involuntary muscle contractions strengthening your body’s muscle fibers. This revolutionary technology stimulates the same muscle movements as traditional weightlifting, so you can get toned muscles just by relaxing on a table. As we know, muscle can boost your metabolism, so not only will you have a toned figure, but you’ll also be helping your body burn fat more efficiently. Cooltone is is perfect for men and women who maintain an active and healthy lifestyle but cannot get rid of pesky areas of fat in their abdomen, buttocks, and thighs through exercise alone.

Healthy Fat Burning Requires a Holistic Approach

The key to burning fat is starting with a good foundation of healthy habits. Diet and exercise are vital to burning fat quickly, but sometimes these lifestyle changes alone can’t get rid of all your problem areas. Pairing these healthy changes with cosmetic treatments can help you get rid of fat and keep it off. Book online today to consult with one of our experienced medical aesthetic providers about effective fat loss options to get you in the best shape of your life.