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Masseter Muscle Reduction (Jawline Reduction)

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The Masseter is a muscle that runs through the rear part of the cheek from the temporal bone to the lower jaw and is responsible for closing the jaw when chewing. It is also the muscle commonly responsible for the appearance of a large, square-shaped jaw.

While a strong, square jawline can be distinctly masculine and desirable in male patients, many female patients seek a softer more feminine shape to their face.

Patients who are looking to slim their jawline without undergoing a surgical procedure can opt to have Botox injected into the Masseter Muscle.

This procedure can be completed in under 5 minutes with a few small injections of Botox on each side of the face, which will weaken the muscle and in turn slightly shrink it. It is highly effective with minimal or no pain, and no down time.

Patients will gradually begin to see the the effects after a couple weeks, with the full effect visible after 6 weeks.

Results last approximately 6 months.  This means patients do not need to have the procedure done as often to maintain the slimmer looking jawline as patients who get Botox to minimize facial wrinkles.

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