Why Lip Fillers Are The Best They’ve Ever Been

lip fillers

Cosmetic technology continues to advance as time goes on. We’ve seen physical proof of this in improved treatment results with the development of hyaluronic acid fillers and neurotoxins. Botox, more specifically, is a much different treatment than it was 10 years ago. The effects of botox treatments aren’t nearly as dramatic as they used to be. For many patients, the results are naturally flawless. In that same vein, lip fillers have become much more popular, and if done properly, they are extremely natural-looking.

Why Lip Fillers Are Better Than Ever

For many women, getting lip fillers is the icing on their already beautiful cake. It’s one of the few things that can’t be done at home to improve facial proportions and signs of aging.

Lip filler before and after


1. They Are Cheaper

When filler was first available, syringes would cost tens of thousands of dollars per treatment. Today, treatments can still be pricey, but overall within an appropriate range. Packages and monthly deals are also available through providers as we now know how much filler is needed to address patients’ areas of concern. 


2. Shorter Recovery Time and Quick Lip Filler Healing Process

Today, there is almost no downtime after receiving filler injections as long as you follow your provider’s aftercare instructions. You may have some minimal swelling or bruising in the days following your filler injections. Since these injections stimulate your collagen production and elastin, the final results of treatment won’t be seen for a few weeks and will only improve over time. 


3. Near-Instant Results

Successful lip filler results will be immediate. Swelling, redness and bruising may occur up to 1-2 weeks post-treatment, but this is a normal process. Filler is moldable for up to 2 weeks and settles after 1 month.  

Results of lip filler

4. More Reviews

Find any cosmetic provider on social media or Yelp and you’ll see hundreds of advocates—their own patients—vouching for their services, with real results to back up their claims. What used to be an act of embarrassment is now an act of pride among individuals of all ages. And women looking to have the procedure done for themselves are benefiting from it, as they have more resources to look to.


5. Injections Are More Popular

Ever since the first injectable was FDA-approved in 1981, lip fillers have been on the rise. Over the last five years alone, there has been a 40.6% increase in the number of injectables being administered, according to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons. Nowadays, more people are getting lip fillers than laser hair removal. This is largely due to trends on social media and other media platforms.  


6. Greater Accessibility

Any licensed medical provider can purchase and administer injections. This makes the treatment much more accessible. Privileges vary by state, but licensed physicians. RN’s, and PA’s can perform injectable treatments nationwide. With more providers, patients can find who they best trust to achieve their desired look.


7. Compared to Surgery, Fillers Are a No-Brainer

With a longer recovery time, higher risk of complications, and a much higher cost, many women are skipping out on facial plastic surgery. The main reason why patients are so attracted to filler is that it can last up to 2 years and unlike surgery, results are reversible. Providers are also becoming more skilled at administering these treatments as new techniques and technologies are constantly evolving.  

Want to Learn More Lip Fillers?

lip filler before and after

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