The Best Areas for Botox this Summer


Sweet, sweet summertime. While you may be ready to head outside to enjoy the long days and warm rays, your skin may not be. If you find your skin is dull, flaky or your facial wrinkles appear more prominent, you can thank the cold, dry winter months. No worries, Botox treatments can help get your skin looking youthful and more refreshed just in time for summer. Curious as to how Botox can improve your appearance? Here are ideal Botox areas.

Forehead Creases

One of the best Botox areas for treatment are the horizontal forehead creases caused by a long-term habit of raising your eyebrows. Often the first facial wrinkles to appear, Botox is an effective method for reducing or eliminating these pesky brow lines. To further aid in creating a smoother, youthful-looking forehead, ask your skin professional about the addition of dermal fillers. 

Crow’s Feet

Those tiny horizontal lines (crow’s feet) around the corners of your eyes are the result of years of squinting (a great reason to wear shades) and smiling. These regions are considered ideal Botox areas. Because these lines are typically less significant than other facial wrinkles, smaller amounts of Botox are necessary.

Bunny Lines

Do you scrunch your nose? If so, you may notice small fine lines across the bridge of your nose. Deemed one of the best Botox areas; bunny lines require a lesser amount of Botox, similar to that of crow’s feet. Treating this area with Botox will minimize these wrinkles for most clients.

Excessive Underarm Sweating

Of course, you want to appear your best when heading outside during the summer months. However, did you know there are Botox areas that are not on the face? One of the many uses for Botox is to combat excessive underarm sweating. If you suffer from severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis, you understand how difficult this condition can be year round, and more so during the hotter months of the year. FDA approved in 2004; Botox has proven to be an effective therapy for clients who experience this disorder. Some clients also look to Botox as a treatment for overly sweaty hands and feet. 

Overactive Bladder

There is nothing worse than heading out for the day while struggling with an overactive bladder. Botox may be of help. FDA approved as a treatment for overactive bladder; studies indicate leaks can be significantly reduced with Botox treatments. Discussing your therapy options with your doctor may have you worrying less about leakage and focused on enjoying summertime.

Do Summer with Confidence

With the many uses of Botox, whether it be for appearance or medical conditions, you can take to the outdoors, confident and ready to relish the warmer months. The procedures are quick and long-lasting, ensuring your summer will be nothing but sun and fun.
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