How to Get Ready for Summer in San Diego

Summer beach day

Although this summer has been anything but ordinary, one thing that will never change is enjoying the idyllic temperatures, blissful beaches, and vibrant energy of San Diego in the summer. This sunny season has a special kind of magic that tends to lift our spirits and inspire us to be the happiest, healthiest and best version of ourselves. Treating yourself to a few cosmetic procedures will help you achieve that elusive summer body and feel your best while you enjoy everything that summertime in San Diego has to offer. Learn how to get your body ready for summer with small, non-invasive cosmetic treatments that can make a huge difference.

How to Get Your Summer Body in San Diego


Why Cosmetic Treatments?

No matter how diligent you are with your skincare routines and workouts, some problem areas just never seem to go away and prevent you from achieving your ideal summer look. Sun spots, cellulite, stubborn areas of fat and small skin discolorations are a natural part of aging that result from sun exposure, genetics and other environmental factors. Although they’re completely natural, these problem areas can negatively impact our body image and can lead to low self-esteem.
Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are cost-efficient alternatives to traditional plastic surgery to enhance one’s body. Cosmetic procedures can quickly and effectively help you tackle those problem areas so that you can feel confident in your own skin.

Best Cosmetic Treatments for Summer

If you’re prepping for this season’s first beach trip or just want a little pick-me-up, there are a number of cosmetic procedures that will help you achieve your summer body. Whether it’s removing unwanted hair, tightening up your tummy, or evening out your skin tone, a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, SDBotox will have you bikini-ready in no time. Consider the following treatments to get your body ready for this season:

Laser Hair Removal

Avoid the hassle of shaving everyday and dealing with unsightly razor burn by opting for permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive treatment to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. During this procedure, high-intensity light waves are used to target dark coarse hair while simultaneously tightening the skin, leaving it smoother and softer. Because the treatment eliminates hair at the root, laser hair removal has also been proven to reduce ingrown hairs, so you can say goodbye to bikini bumps.
Laser hair removal
Waxing and shaving eventually become completely unnecessary because of laser hair removal’s effectiveness at reducing hair growth over time. You’ll finally be able to enjoy impromptu trips to the pool without worrying about if you remembered to shave that morning. Laser hair removal can treat hair on the face, arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, back and chest so you’ll be silky smooth all over.


Botox has long been the go to method for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to achieve more supple, youthful skin. Wrinkles result from a combination of many factors like cellular changes, loss of collagen, and sun damage. Botox reduces fine lines and wrinkles by partially paralyzing the muscles responsible for these lines so they can’t be further deepened by underlying muscular contraction. Botox treatments significantly improve the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles.
Because Botox isn’t sensitive to UV rays and there’s no recovery period, you can carry on with your summer as per usual after your treatment. Consider the best areas to get botox this summer to help plan your next appointment.
Botox before and after


CoolSculpting is an FDA approved, completely non-invasive way to get rid of stubborn areas of fat and contour your muscles for the perfect summer body. During this treatment the CoolSculpting machine is simply attached to your problem areas and uses controlled cooling technology to target, freeze and crystallize fat cells without affecting the overlying skin. In the following weeks and months after the treatment, the dead cells are absorbed and unwanted fat is expelled from your body.
Much like Liposuction, Coolsculpting can be used to reshape the stomach, thighs, love handles, butt, or upper arms. However, because coolsculpting is completely non-invasive, it is a much safer alternative to traditional plastic surgery and has virtually no recovery time so you’ll be able to hit the beach right away.
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Cosmetic Laser Treatments

An even, glowy skin-tone is the cherry on top of a sculpted summer body. Cosmetic laser treatments can improve the look of skin imperfections and give you the flawless glow you’re looking for. The Cutera Excel V laser is a solid-state laser system that uses various light wavelengths to address more than 20 unique issues on all skin types. Our cosmetic laser treatments can be used to treat spider varicose veins, sunspots, skin pigmentations, bruising, and lesions among other skin imperfections.
facial redness removal using a Laser genesis facial
Furthermore, Laser Genesis Facials can be used to soften fine lines and wrinkles, reduce redness, remove uneven skin tones, minimize pore size, and for overall smoother, tighter skin. Laser facials are great solutions for those suffering from excessive facial redness, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and overexposure to the sun. Because cosmetic laser treatments can be personalized to target specific issues, they’re perfect for those with unique skin care concerns.

Enhance Your Summer Body

Feeling good in your own skin is the key to self-confidence. Minimally invasive cosmetic treatments can help you look and feel your best before you strut your stuff this summer. Book online to meet with one of our experienced medical aesthetic providers and discuss your options for cosmetic procedures.