7 Fat Burning Secrets: A Holistic Approach to Burn Fat Quickly

How to loose fat fast

We’d all love to wave a magic wand and get rid of the undesired areas of fat on our bodies, right? Well, thanks to scientific advancements in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, that dream has become a reality– sort of. Cosmetic treatments now offer an effective way to burn fat quickly through naturally occurring injectables, temperature technologies,…

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Botox for Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)


Are you afraid to lift your arms? Do you carry an extra shirt with you at all times because you’re hiding under arm sweat stains? We’ve all been there. While sweating is perfectly normal and essential to regulating body temperature, some people have been found to sweat much more than is biologically necessary. If you…

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How to Get Ready for Summer in San Diego

Summer beach day

Although this summer has been anything but ordinary, one thing that will never change is enjoying the idyllic temperatures, blissful beaches, and vibrant energy of San Diego in the summer. This sunny season has a special kind of magic that tends to lift our spirits and inspire us to be the happiest, healthiest and best…

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What age should you start cosmetic treatments?

One of the most common concerns that our patients come to us with is how to look younger and specifically what age should they start getting cosmetic treatments? We all know that being vigilant with your skincare routine at a young age is vital to maintaining a youthful glow. Although a skincare regimen with quality…

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The Ultimate Guide to Botox

The ultimate guide to botox

Botox is something that you’ve probably been hearing about for a while. Initially made famous by countless celebrities, in recent years, Botox has gone mainstream. And for good reason. Botox truly is the best anti-wrinkle treatment out there, which is why it’s been used by millions of people since 2002.  No matter if you’re mulling…

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Botox is the Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

The title says it all. Botox is the best anti-wrinkle treatment out there. End of story. Why Are Botox Injections so Effective? Not only is Botox the best effective treatment, it is also the best preventative treatment. The reason Botox injections are so effective as an anti-wrinkle treatment is because they target the underlying cause…

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Alternative to Lash Extensions: How Latisse Works

Latisse is a medication that is used to help eyelashes grow. It is a cosmetic solution that requires a physician’s prescription. The cosmetic medication is meant to help people who have conditions that cause thinning or a loss of the eyelashes. Latisse is not the ideal medication for everyone, but it has been shown to…

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What Is a Hydrafacial Treatment and Its Benefits on Skincare?

Do you want to have beautiful, subtle, clear skin? While you may be in a routine of using your favorite, skincare products, a HydraFacial treatment may be just what you need to glow. It is a common facial treatment that is done in-office and is a go-to facial that gets the nod for being great…

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Laser Tattoo Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Tattoos are one of the most popular forms of body modification in modern society. They allow for self-expression and exist on many people as an important imprint of memory or story. However, some people experience lapses in judgment. Today, the tattoo you didn’t think all the way through can be removed through laser tattoo removal…

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Microneedling Benefits and Risks: Is it Worth it?

The skin is the largest and most exposed organ in the body. While the skin acts as a protective barrier for our bodies, over time the skin itself becomes susceptible to genetic and environmental factors that cause our skin to age visibly. When this happens, the level of collagen in our skin decreases and elasticity…

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