How To Prevent & Take Care of Dry Skin in Winter

Woman putting on sunscreen

Cooling temperatures and dry winter air can do a number on your skin. Itchy skin, redness and irritation, and a less-than-vibrant complexion are common problems associated with dry skin. But there are ways to protect your skin from drying out in the winter and to remedy the effects of the changing seasons, let’s take a…

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7 of the Hottest Cosmetic Trends for 2021

Happy woman touching her face

Cosmetic treatments have only grown in popularity over the last few years, particularly as many treatment options require little to no downtime and almost immediate effects. As methods continue to improve, the applications of existing treatments expand with doctors finding new, revolutionary uses for minimally invasive procedures. Cosmetic trends in the coming year are then…

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How to Get Ready for Summer in San Diego

Summer beach day

Although this summer has been anything but ordinary, one thing that will never change is enjoying the idyllic temperatures, blissful beaches, and vibrant energy of San Diego in the summer. This sunny season has a special kind of magic that tends to lift our spirits and inspire us to be the happiest, healthiest and best…

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What age should you start cosmetic treatments?

One of the most common concerns that our patients come to us with is how to look younger and specifically what age should they start getting cosmetic treatments? We all know that being vigilant with your skincare routine at a young age is vital to maintaining a youthful glow. Although a skincare regimen with quality…

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What Is a Hydrafacial Treatment and Its Benefits on Skincare?

Do you want to have beautiful, subtle, clear skin? While you may be in a routine of using your favorite, skincare products, a HydraFacial treatment may be just what you need to glow. It is a common facial treatment that is done in-office and is a go-to facial that gets the nod for being great…

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SkinMedica Skin Care: Which Product is Right for You

Your skin ages naturally over time, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to wrinkles and sags. While Botox injections and dermal fillers can get rid of larger wrinkles, fine lines are not as easily eradicated with injections.    Luckily, the SkinMedica line, which is only available by prescription, is carefully formulated by skincare…

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Tips to Kick-start Your Summer Body Journey

Months will become weeks and weeks will become days. Summer will be here before you know it. You don’t have to wait until the days get hotter to get your summer body goals in gear. Here we’ll discuss 3 tips to kick-start your summer body goals now.   1. Start Creating Good Habits Now When…

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How a Chemical Peel Helps You Achieve Perfect Skin

Chemical Peels SDbotox

Good skin care should be the foundation of your beauty regime. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing can improve the appearance of the skin and keep it looking healthy and youthful. However, for those with dull skin, facial scars, and hyperpigmentation, more targeted treatments may be required. Chemical peels are highly effective cosmetic skin treatments that remove…

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Top Scar Removal Treatments in San Diego

scar removal

We all have scars. And while a scar may not be a big deal if it is small or in a concealed location, it can cause a good deal of stress if it isn’t. Scars are evidence of your skin having undergone significant trauma either through an injury, condition, or severe acne problem. However, not…

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